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Game Review: Metal Gear Solid:Peace Walker HD

Metal Gear, Metal Gear2: Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots....I have played all these titles and have put them in chronological order of events I can now add MGS: Peace Walker to my list and add another piece of the history of Big Boss! 
MGS Peace Walker takes place 10 years after the events of MGS: Snake Eater, the year is 1974 and Snake has left the Patriots and formed MSF ( Militaires Sans Frontières ) with the help of Kazuhiro Miller. 

The game begins on a sandy beach on the coast of Columbia where Kaz introduces Snake to Paz Ortega Andrade and Professor Ramon Galvez Mena who request the assistance of MSF to investigate the emergence of a potential military threat in Costa Rica, Galvez sweetens the deal by offering MSF an abandoned OTEC off shore rig to use as MSF's mother base....

And with this Outer Heaven is born! 
MGS: Peace Walker's Story is broken into 5 chapters and a prologue, each chapter has multiple missions (Main Ops) which tell the story of how Snake & MSF battle against Nuclear Mayhem by destroying Peace Walker, an AI controlled quadruped mecha designed by Huey Emmerich and funded by ex CIA director Hot Coldman (yes that's his name).

As you complete missions mother base expands, new MSF members can be "recruited" and new modes become available such as Extra Ops, Outer Ops, Versus Ops (multiplayer). 
Extra Ops significantly adds to the longevity of the game with 120 missions that range from Fulton recovery of hostages, classified document retrieval, perfect stealth, paparazzi (photography), armored vehicle battles, tank battles, attack chopper battles....if you are successful in these missions the Vehicle is brought to Mother Base and can be used in Outer Ops...
Outer Ops pits MSF forces against other forces throughout the world, you can create 8 unique 6 member "fire teams" comprised of MSF soldiers, Mechs, and eventually MSF's Metal Gear ZEKE!

Every new member "recruited" into MSF has 5 different skills; Combat, R&D, Cooking, Medical and Intel. You will decide where the new member is best suited in Mother Base depending on the members proficiency. Another factor to take into consideration is the character's GMP (In game currency) As Mother bases GMP increases newer weapons and tech can be developed such as the Soliton Radar, the M60 (AP), upgraded Fulton recovery system, recovery items such as G. Curry and zero calorie soda.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker also has Versus Ops a multiplayer  TPS similar to MGO.
And if you prefer Coop to Multiplayer, MGS: Peace Walker has you covered! Every Main Ops and Extra Ops mission is available to be played single player or Co-Op! 

I recently completed Main Ops and for anyone who says they're a fan of the Metal Gear franchise this game is a must have! Not only do you get more Naked Snake/Big Boss back story we also finally meet Hal's father, Master Miller from the original MGS and you create Outer Heaven!!!
MGS: Peace Walker was originally launched for the PSP in 2010, and was re released as part of the MGS HD collection at the end of 2011, the upgrade is nice but the graphics are closer to Snake Eater than Guns of the Patriots, but that didn't bother me in the least. Story and gameplay are what make this game great. 
I also enjoyed  the visual approach to the cut scene's, the hand drawn comic style worked extremely well and gave the story the gritty feel it needed to compliment what was going on in the story.
Unlike all previous MGS titles  I've played, Peace Walker's approach to individual missions kinda breaks the flow of the story but it is necessary in order to the Mother Base building aspect of the game which is suprisingly deep considering this game was originally made for the PSP. This is not a game you will "complete" in less than 60hrs and with Versus Ops and co-op available for all Main Ops and Extra Ops this might be one of the biggest MGS titles I've ever played!
I may be in the minority with my next comment but the AI boss battles in PW were more enjoyable than the B&B Corps battles, but both pale in comparison to the Cobra Unit battles.
The Metal Gear saga is fascinating on it's own but with the way Kojima interweaves it into real world history makes it the pinnacle of story telling in the history of video my opinion.


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  1. Oh I just love solid snake especially the recent old solid snake that they had I believe that was his last missions “Sons of the patriot” I guess but nothing beat the old version solid snake that has the fight scene with Liquid and Ocelot in the PS1… That was classic and classic still rocks!!! XOXO:D