Friday, May 28, 2010

G4 E3 Booth Babe Search 2010

G4 is doing their part to promote womens rights in 2010 by giving gurl gamers (the hot ones) a chance to rep G4 at geek heaven also known as E3! Hit up the link provided below and vote for the most qualified (hottest) gaming chick from the crop.

The top 3 finalists will be decided by your votes and announced live on Attack of the Show! on 6/7. The grand prize winner will come to Los Angeles and be announced during our E3 coverage. The voting phase for the Booth Babe Search ends on 6/4. Be sure to watch and vote for who you think should be G4’s official E3 Booth Babe.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Pacman!

Hey Pacman, congrats on reaching the big 3-0! Jesus I feel old, you may not have kill streak rewards or an an open world to roam around in or the ability to level up or upgrade weapons or a vendetta against the gods or the ability to hide in cardboard boxes but you are definately the OG! And without your influence back in the early days we may never had the pleasure of meeting other video game icons like Solid Snake, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Master Cheif, Lara Croft, Donkey Kong, Link, Kratos, Ryu, and countless others! So thanks little fella!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

V Season Finale: Red Sky

So the first season of V has concluded, it's been a bumpy ride with some decent up's and some frustrating down's but I'm happy ABC has re-uped the show for at least one more season. People need to remember Star Trek TNG wasn't the greatest show out the gate either but look at how that series turned out! I still believe this new V has alot of potential.

So how was the season finale of V? This may be an unfair comparison but it was no where near as good as Fringe's season one finale, that said, V has improved week after week and this episode did feel more like the V mini series from the 80's and we finally get pew pew lasers!

Like so many episodes, last nights had some good moments but nothing that really blew me away. I am enjoying all the intersecting character developments and potential alliances

Final Fantasy XIII Review

The first Final Fantasy for this generation of consoles has finally arrived on the PS3 and Xbox 360! Is the first shard of the Fabula Nova Crystallis worth it's weight in Gill?

Final Fantasy has changed from the the good ol' day's of HP/MP, world map's, job classes and random battles, some for the better and some not...but that is really up to the individual.

To begin with I need to take a step back to FFXII, actually I need to go a bit further back than that, I bought Final Fantasy Tactics for the PS1 not realizing it was a different genre altogether but by the time I finished it I absolutely loved it! So when I heard FFXII was being designed by Yasumi Matsuno and Hiroyuki Ito it instantly became a "fist day" purchase. From all the videos and screen caps I had seen I was certain FFXII was going to be an amazing game...and it might've been if the original team had been able to complete the game, but fate stepped in and with health issues plagueing the development team the game suffered tremendously. The pacing, character development, plot and sub plot all could be felt about halfway thru the game. My biggest gripe about FFXII was it was too short and the side quest actually extended the game by double...In my opinion a side quest is no longer a side quest if it's literally longer than the main story of the game!
It's now three years and five months since Vaan, Ashe, Penelo, Basch, Fran and Balthier defied the Occuria and forged their own destiny.
Welcome to Cocoon home to millions of citizens that live in blissful ignorance, sheltered and nurtured from the horrors of Gran Pulse below by the  .
The game begins with Lightning fighting her way thru a speeding train in an industrial setting...what we saw in the trailers, and then transitions to a skirmish on the ground between  Snow Villiers and his





--->Nora = Gadot, Lebreau, Maqui,

Serah Farron

Fang; Vanille

Sazh Katzroy  Dajh
Galenth Dysley=Primarch of the Sanctum=Cocoon fal'Cie Barthandelus

Truth be told I was actually more interested in Versus XIII than vanilla XIII but I was

Friday, May 14, 2010

Iron Man 2 Review

Iron Man 2 begins in snowy Russia as Ivan Vanko watches as Tony Stark reveals he is Iron Man. The happiness felt while watching the broadcast is in stark contrast to the scene in Vanko's crowded apartment as his father dies.  We are then wisked hundreds of miles above Queens as Stark exits an aircraft and arrives in spectacular fashion at the re imagined Stark Expo in Flushing created by his late father Howard Stark...think E3 but much much grander, Tony's show entrance is highlighted by smoking hot line dancers, fire works and laser light shows.
Tony Stark, the most narcissistic person on earth revels in his mega celebrity status as the crowd around him goes ape shit. But one should never judge a book by it's cover, Stark is slowly dying from the one thing keeping him alive, the Palladium reactor in his chest!
The US government who was one Stark Industries biggest and closest customers now supeona's Stark to hand over the Iron Man tech, but Stark refuses citing that other superpowers and weapons manufacturers like Stark Industries biggest rival Hammer Industries is decades behind the Iron Man tech. And ends the court hearing stating that the tech is his property.
As Starks' condition worsens and his blood toxicity rises he appoints Pepper Potts as CEO of Stark Industries and hires Natalie Rushman (Scarlette Johanssen) to fill Peppers prior position.

Iron Man 2 escalates the action, and doublesthe cast from the first Iron Man movie, Tony Stark finds himself fighting against a multitude of adversaries including times IM2 seems to be a little over frenetic but never faulters and never looses it's direction unlike Spiderman3.


Red Dead Redemption Launch Trailer

Rockstar looks to have another smoking title coming up in four days, Red Dead Redemption. Anyone a fan of Spagetti Westerns like Pale Rider, The Good The Bad and the Ugly, or Unforgiven will trully appreciate RDR. And those looking for an open world title that has the balls to do something other than modern day environs will be at their local game store at high noon (unless there's a midnight launch).
This is a genre that the gaming industry has overlooked for far too long.
I just hope it's not GTA: Wild West!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

V Fruition interview with V executive Producer Scott Rosenbaum all but confirms season 2 is a go.

ABC's V,
Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) will face off with the Visitors, starting
with Anna, according to executive producer Scott Rosenbaum. The end of the season will also bring the
birth of a hybrid baby who will be "more alien than human," a brutal attack and
a betrayal.V's lizard baby gets a due date — and a tail

1. There will be more V soldiers: "We will be seeing more
of the soldiers," says Rosenbaum. "Obviously Anna [Morena Baccarin] has a whole clutch of them waiting to be born
to unleash upon the Earth, but it's not going to go as smoothly as Anna planned
it would."
2. There will be alien babies: "You'll see what the baby
looks like in the finale. It's going to be more alien than human. The birth is
going to become a big deal because it's complicated. Also, Anna will have become
aware of the birth, so it will not happen behind her back. The birth will not be
what you expect it to be, I promise you that."
3. There will be big realizations: "Chad [Scott
] has not seen anything bad about the Vs," notes Rosenbaum. "The fun of
the season is Chad's ultimate realization that he was duped and the
consequences, and that's what we're building to. Anna is going to end up having
a noose around his neck. You should worry about Chad Dekker."Who
will be joining the Fifth Column on V?

4. There will be injuries: "Lisa [Laura Vandervoort] is going to be brutally attacked. It's
going to essentially be an attack by the Fifth Column. The question is: Who
attacked Lisa and why? The answer to that will be a pretty surprising one. It
all falls into this bigger plan that Anna has. If something bad happens, she can
spin it. Lisa's attack will have big consequences for the people on
5. There will be a showdown: "Anna and Erica will meet
face-to-face in the second to last episode. Everything is leading to a major
brawl between them. Anna keeps winning, and finally Erica basically says,
'Enough of this, we're taking the fight directly to her and we're going to win.'
That episode is Erica's revenge. She's just had enough and the gloves are
6. There will be deaths: "[The showdown] is an attack on
the Visitors and there will be deaths involved," Rosenbaum continues. "It's an
attack that is completely something Erica has come up with. There will be
casualties on both sides for the Visitors and the Fifth Column in the season
finale."Watch full
episodes of V in our Online Video Guide

7. There will be betrayal: "Lisa is the next in line to be
queen. The question is: Is Lisa becoming human, is she playing our people or is
she setting up a trap for Anna? That's the drama that will play out in the last
three episodes. The audience is not going to know which way she's turning until
the very end."
8. There will be war: "In the season finale, Anna will
essentially take the first shot in the war that's to come," says Rosenbaum,
noting that next season will pick up directly where we'll leave off.

Tonights episode looks good, I'm really looking forward to the Erica-Anna face to face!

MVC3: Fate of Two Worlds Premiere Trailer

Seems as though apcom has straightened out the lincensing issues with Marvel and MVC3 is finally coming! Check out the first teaser trailer below. Funny How Iron Man is front and center...what a coincidence concidering Iron Man 2 just hit theaters.

I've read some fans of the frenetic team fighter aren't happy with the style but I like what I see so far, even though I was never big into the MVC series. I did however enjoy the CVS series...

And since Capcom is reuping this franchise what are the chances of seeing a Darkstalkers update using the Street Fighter IV engine!?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

V Episode 10: Hearts and Minds

Last nights episode was pretty good, once again the payoff was at the end though....I thought ABC actually cut the bitchslap based on last weeks promo but when it happened it was glorious! I didn't expect the follow on comment from Anna....WHOA! I dedicate Paula Abdul's "cold hearted snake" song to queen Anna! After that there's no doubt in my mind Anna > Diana! It's too bad mothers day falls on Sunday and not Tuesday because next weeks episode is looking like the Motherlode (pun intended) Anna face to face with Erica. The episode really set up an incredible dynamic that is sure to play out brilliantly with Erica (resistance leader) getiing paired up with Agent Malik (V secret agent) in the 5th column special task force! Spy Vs spy!
After Anna's televised announcement she mentioned how they can use fear of 5th column terrorist threats to control the humans and I was really impressed how the writers worked in the 9-11 incident and how many American's felt the government used their fears against them into the show!
Also; this has been nagging me for a few weeks now, what is so dam special about Tyler!?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Street Fighter Legacy Fan Film!

Fortunately I never dropped a dime on either hollywood Street Fighter movie, we all know just how awful they were. Fortunately Joey Ansah, has taken it upon himself do do the Capcom Franchise Justice!

"As an actor, filmmaker and fan, I have been disappointed by the
many diluted, unfaithful and outright butchered movie adaptations of fighting
video games. It was clear to me, that given the way the movie industry worked,
we would never see a super faithful, darker toned and more adult themed (or just
plain good!) incarnation of Street Fighter unless a die-hard director or
filmmaking team with game canon knowledge stepped up to the plate to helm such a
project.So almost a year ago, I began writing script treatments (with my writing
collaborator and great friend Christian Howard, who also plays Ken) and a
production design brief and partnered with Streetlight films before proposing my
concept and vision to Capcom. I'm pleased to say they gave their blessing and
permission for the project to move forward.My team subsequently attracted a
great ensemble to support and execute the project including Owen Trevor (Top
gear director) who co-directed the film with me, Jacqueline Quella my Producer,
Anthony Waye as my exec producer who has senior production credits on over 90
movies including the last eleven 'James Bond' films (Line-producer of the entire
Bond movie franchise), and the renowned post production/VFX house, Prime Focus,
to name but a few.We've all strived to make a beautiful film that hopefully non
fans will really appreciate, but ultimately this is a love letter to the fans
and the brilliance of the game. As a result, I've gone to every length to be as
faithful as possible down to the smallest details of the costume, the
choreography, the narrative, the original music themes and, of course, the
special moves!After almost a year of blood, sweat, lots of favors, enthusiasm
and love, we are ready to release 'StreetFighter: Legacy' to the people who
deserve it most.......the fans.Enjoy the two teaser trailers, and look out for
the short film to be online on Thursday along with a series of making of
featurettes.Joey Ansah

'Street Fighter-Legacy' a Streetlight Films production, co-directed by Joey Ansah and Owen Trevor, produced by Jacqueline Quella and stars Jon Foo as Ryu and Christian Howard as Ken.'StreetFighter-Legacy' a liveaction short film fan project, based on the popular Capcom gaming franchise: Street Fighter. Officially endorsed by CapcomStreetFighter Legacy has been a labour of love and passion project for its creator, Joey Ansah, who not only conceived and pitched the project, but also co-directed, co-wrote and choreographed it, alongside cameo'ing in the film. Collaborating, creative partner and long time friend Christian Howard was part of the project from day one, co-writing the script and story elements, as well as further down the line, storyboarding the film, being assistant fight choreographer and most importantly playing Ken Masters. Streetlight repped Australian Director Owen Trevor came onboard to co-direct the film. His experience and style carried forward from shooting on 3 series of the acclaimed 'Top Gear' have really been an asset to the project and given it a strong visual flair.Promotional Photography by Theo Chalmers : www.theochalmers.comRelated Websites: (Owen Trevor: Co-Director) (patrick Gill composer) - Logo Design