Friday, July 28, 2006

Immortal Sentries

After my initial visit to the Empire of Aht Urghan, I had not been back, instead I've been working on SMN. I decided to revisit Aht Urgan Whitegate. When I arrived I went to Salaheem's Sentinels and recieved my first mission as a mercenary. Naja Salaheem handed me supplies and told me to bring them to any of the staging point thruout the Near East Lands. While in Aht Urghan I met up with Darcy, the leader of LotB, he offered to help me reach one of the Staging Points. We traveled thru Bflau Thickets to Ma Mool Ja to one of the Staging Points. I returned to Aht Urgan reported to Naja Salaheem and was granted merc rank.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Uran Mafran and the battle for Kukulcan's Staff

I set out to get Kukulcan's Staff, the first piece of SMN artifact equipment. I traveled to the House of the Hero in Windurst Walls. Carbuncle spoke in riddle about a great deception and told me to go to Bastok. In Port Bastok I spoke to Juroro and Ildy Goldy. After a short chat Ildy Goldy handed me a Earth Pendulum and told me to travel to the Quicksand Caves in Altepa Desert. Within the Quicksand Caves, Krogenar and I made our way to the Cloister of Tremors. I activated the Earth Pendulum and we were transported to the same dimension that I had fought Titan. Apparently Ildy Goldy had followed us in because as we arrived in this strange dimension I saw the little Tarutau run up the ramp to where the Notorious Monster Galgalim waited for us, but instead a taru mage by the name of Uran Mafran stood there, as Ildy rushed at Uran Mafran he warped away and Galgalim appeared. Krogenar sent in his pet and I send in Garuda, Galgalim fell fast to the relentlessness of Courier Carrie and Garuda. After the battle ended we reappeared in the Cloister of Tremors and Darcy joined our small group, we rentered the strange dimension this time to fight Titan Prime. We were fighting him again to capture the Whisper of tremors, one of six whispers needed to unlock the battle against Fenrir, the Avatar of darkness.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Staff Sergeant Tryptifaeris

I reached lvl 28 fishing, and traded in the apropriate fish to pass the lvl cap test. I am now a novice rank fisherman and have begun collecting guild points towards RA/EX fishing items like the apron, secret maps showing the best fishing spots around Vana Diel ect.
I also reached lvl 50 SMN and am about 1500 away from 51. In preparation I have begun purchasing elemental staves with the gill I've earned fishing up hundreds of nebimonites. So far I have the Dark, Light and Ice staves, with the matching avatar these staves not only increase the avatars power but they have the inate ability to increase the avatar perpetuation.
I also dropped the 300K gil for the WHM scroll of Erase, and will be buying the tele Zvahl scroll soon as my Nebimonites sell.

Sunday, July 9, 2006

Return to Promivion Dem

Tryp rallied the LotB troops to once again attempt Promyvion Dem spire. My PT consisted of Domantas (BST), Luner (BST), Aarron (BST), Kimoni (BST), Drust (SMN), and myself (WHM).
The trek to the top of the Spire didn't go as smoothly as the last time I died twice but luckily I had my reraise earring. When we reached the forth floor we made a mad dash to the zone into the spire. We go over the anima plan, setting up 3 teams of 2 to use their psycho & hystero anima in unison against the NM Progenerator.

We enter the battle arena and set our plan in motion, we fought hard but regretibly couldn't win, the Progenerator was victorious with about 10% HP left.

After this disapointing loss I met up with Almightylock and Arcee from the Fallen LS and helped them with a NM fight on the Selbina-Mhaura ferry. Unlike my previous battle in promy Dem this fight was [too weak to be worthwhile].