Monday, August 29, 2005

Gods in the Hall

August 29th 2005 I logged on for a bit and to my surprise my scroll of tele Mea had finally sold! Tryptifaeris once again has a bit of finacial freedom to loosen his force belt. To celebrate I decided to go for a hike, I left Jeuno through Port and headed out into the Sauromugue Champlain, I didn't have any specific destination. As I traveled south the sun began to sink into the west and the ruins cast a shadow across the land, to my right, sloping upward was the way to the Gariliage Citadel. The trail I was taking was littered with fallen columns and dead trees, far off to the east was the ocean, as dusk arrived my path brought me to a pass that led to the Meriphataud Mountains.

On the other side of the pass I entered the Meriphataud Mountain range, the terrain is similar to Tahrongi Canyon. The most distinctive feature of the Meriphataud Mountain Range is Drogaroga's Spine that juts out of the earth and streches from the eastern most region of the range straight across to the western end, it is made of the same strange bonelike material as the crags and is about 18 feet elevated all the way across with no suports. From my knowledge I suspect that Vana Diel is a "growth" on a tremenous creature's skeleton from a time before time....perhaps some day we shall see if my theory is true.
I figured Tryp had walked this far I might as well keep walking. I headed east towards an outpost I spotted off in the distance. I past it and continued towards the Santuary of Zi Tah to the Northeast, I had never been there and by all accounts I shouldn't enter those woods, the stars illuminated the sky and a warm summerbreeze blew throughout the range, I almost thought I could hear Altana's voice whispering to me......
The path into the Sanctuary wasn't visable until I was right in front of it, I entered, not knowing what to expect. The Sanctuary was actually an ancient forest, the mists of dawn hovered around my ankles, the stars faded and the haze of the morning sun seeped through the roof top of the forest. The trunks of the trees were as wide as the tower ruins of Sauromuge, the forest floor was as soft as a taru carpet from the leaves, roots jutted thru the floor in certain areas some were large enough to act as bridges over the mysterious crystal pools I found. Tryp felt very alone in these woods, they were nothing like the woods of Ronafaure. Throughout the forest there were clusters of large crystals that also jutted out of the earth, some emitted a cold light from within them. I did not possess a map of the Sanctuary of Zi Tah so I wandered aimlessly like a mithra child in a fish market.
As I wandered through the forest I recalled Krogenar telling me of the giant Boyahda Tree he had recently been to, the tree was home to numerous types of beasts. I wondered if my feet would bring me there, but Altana had another path for me this day. I continued walking aimlessly, as morning mist had burned off as mid day approached, my elvaan instincts told me I was headed north, my lonliness changed to frustration as I wondered if my little hike would leave me lost in these woods forever. Just then I saw a clearing up ahead the light of day shone on the forest floor. My spirits lifted and I ran to the clearing, on the north end I spotted more of that strange bonelike surface hidden in the underbrush. I cleared the thorny bramble and there was the arched entrance to a place I had no knowledge of. I passed through the archway to an opening, I was suddenly very aware I was extremely far from civilization and the safety of Jeuno or Bastok.

I almost wished to be back in the forest, the wind was icey cold and the sound of life were replaced with a mechanical humming this was the Ro 'Maeve. I reassured myself that Altana was looking after me and cast sneak & Invisible and ran into this forsaken region.
Altana was certainly looking after me this day I ran with absolutely no idea where I was going and if my spells had worn off I'd be intantly dead. This is an area for level 73-75 players go for XP. I just ran up one flight of stairs after the next and I finally reached the entrance to the Hall of the Gods....
"Before one can cast a shadow you must first find the light"

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Battle for the Blessed Hammer! WHM AF1

As September aproached I continued XPing my WHM getting ever closer to level 50 and soon I would have to break my first Genkai. But that was still 5 levels away. Krogenar was rapidly leveling his BST in a new linkshell, LotB (Lords of the Beasts). I was pretty much going solo for the better part of the year without a Linkshell, getting into PT's was never a problem but when it came to missions and quests I needed the help, and Krog was the only person left from the old and dead Kontract linkshell. So when he was available he helped me with the stuff I just couldn't do alone like getting my first piece of artifact armor....the Blessed Hammer!

My quest began in the San d'Orian Cathedral where I met Narcheral, he told me to go to Valkrun Dunes and investigate the broken song monument.

I met up with Krogenar and a member of his LS and battled the spirit of Marchelute after we had defeated it I collected a Tavnazian Pass, bid Krogenar farewell and returned to Narcheral for my first piece of artifact armor.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

To the Northlands

August 10th 2005 Tryptifaeris had reached level 46 WHM, 25BLM, 7WAR, Bastok Rank5 and Fishing was at 13, the Sunbreeze Festival has been extended to Aug 22nd by popular demand, but Tryptifaeris the white had much work ahead of him...I accepted a quest from Shantotto to check on a new magic spell he'd been working on. This quest would take me to the Northlands and then to the tower of Fei'Yin. The first half of my quest had me travel thru the Ranguemont Pass to the Beaucedine Glacier, a frozen wasteland where two decades prior a fellowship of two humes; Ulrich the Warrior and Cornelia the Monk, a Galka Swordsman Raogrimm, Francmage the Elvaan Knight from the Kingdom of San d'Oria, Iru Kuiru the Tarutaru White Mage and Rabnah the Mithra Ranger had fallen to darkness.

I had no map and struggled to navigate thru the icey winds and blinding snow showers. I finally meet up with Torino-Samarino who had the scroll I needed to bring to Rukusu in the temple of Fei 'Yin. The Glacier was perilous for a White Mage traveling solo so I made sure to keep Sneak and Invis up at all times, but when I reached Torino-Samarino I needed to drop the Invis spell to talk to him....There was a Large Golem patroling the area I was in but it couldn't detect me unless I cast a magical spell. So I let my invis spell wear off, get the spell from Torino-Samarino and head a safe distance from the golem to recast Sneak and Invis but as I'm casting a Goblin spots me and begins to wail on me hard! I cast warp but it hits me before I finish casting so I try casting bind on the little SOB the spell works and I run, totally disoriented I find a spot to cast Sneak & Invis but another Gob shows up! I don't have much health left but as Altana would have it I spot a Galka BeastMaster in the hazy distance I run to him hoping he'll help, He sees me and my persuer and sics a pet on the Gobby, I cast Warp and pray, just as I disolve into the vortex I see the first Gobby emerge thru the blizzard, but it was too late I was gone! I flip the Goblin the bird and emerge safely back in Jeuno.With only half the quest complete I decide to get the map for the Beaucedine Glacier before I attempt that trek again.

Sunday, August 7, 2005

The Lion the Magicite and the Shadowlord: pt.3 Davoi

Our final destination was Davoi, once an Elvaan village, now overrun by the Orcs... In order to reach the magicite in Davoi I needed the Crest of Davoi, fortunately a boy in upper Jeuno had one but was only willing to trade for some coerl meat. The reason is a bit odd but I gave him the meat, he gave me the crest and off I went for the third and final piece of magicite. Compared to the other two this was a walk in the park I reached the magic barrier, used the crest and claimed the final piece of magicite optistone.
As with the other two I experienced a vision from the past...the king of San d'Oria,; suspicious of the Humes of Bastok and their "investigation" of the Northlands sends a delegate to oversee their findings, this ties in with the events from the first vision. After you return to conscience Lion (think Rikku but a brunette) finds you in the room and an ghostly apparition of the Shadow Lord appears and declares that because of the cowardness, rage, envy, arrogance and apathy of the 5 races of Vana Diel his return is coming, and soon! Before I leave Lion tells me to meet her at the temple of Fei 'Yin in the Beaucedine Glacier. So I rush back to Jeuno to hand over the 3 pieces of Magicite which will keep the beastmen from ressurecting the Shadow Lord over to Archduke Kam'lanaut only to discover the govenors of Bastok, San d'Oria and Windurst were all attacked, I collect my 10,000 gill, my Airship Pass and jump on the first Airship back to Bastok....

Friday, August 5, 2005

Death of Flikblix and the Magicite pt 2 Castle Oztroja

Our next stop on our mission took us to the Yagudo strong hold, Castle Oztroja in the Meriphataud Mountains. Once we reached the doors to the alter room I used the Yagudo Torch given to me by the kind-hearted Fickblix the Gobbie who befriended Humes, Elvaan, Mithra and Galka, a little beastman with a big heart (>u.u<). Inside the alter room I collected the second peice of Magicite and had a second vision from the past....a meeting between Koru Moru and the mystical Star Sybil and a confrontation between Koru Moru and Tzee Xicu atop Castle Oztroja.

Monday, August 1, 2005

Kam'lanaut: Metrosexual and the Magicite - pt. 1 Beaudeaux

As Tryp's fame throughout Vana Diel rose, I decided to pay Altair "I been mugged in Delk Tower" a visit to get my orders for mission 4. Altair hands me a letter of indroduction and sends me to visit the Archduke Kam'lanaut, this guy screams I AM EVIL & STYLISH, but I digress. It appears that word has reached the Arch-duke that the beastmen are on the rise and ol Kam wants me to "investigate" 3 areas; Beaudeaux, Castle Oztoja & Davoi and collect 3 pieces of Magicite and then return with them to Jeuno (I wonder what he's gonna do with them?). And if I succeed in said mission he'll reward me with an Air Ship pass. After recieving my mission I search for everyone's favorite Galkan BST and ask for his brute strengh to clear a path for me to claim the Magicite.....first stop Beaudeaux.

Before departing for Beaudeaux I pay a visit to Aldo in Neptune's Spire, the Tenshodo Headquarters and he gives me a silver bell to help me find the Magicite. Sattal Mansal tells me there are two other key items I'll need to reach the area where the magicite is hidden, but she'll only trade them for a Quadov charm and Quadov Augury Shield. With this in mind Krog and I traveled south from Jeuno thru Rollenberry Fields and the Pashhow Marshlands to Beaudeaux. We hunted down the NM Go'Bhu Gascon and got the Quadov Augury Shield, one of the items Sattal mentioned I needed to get into a secret area in Beaudeaux to "borrow" the Magicite. Next Krogenar and Courier Carry defeated De'Vyu Headhunter and I used the charm to free the traders (Evrard & Serafin) and then we scouted for De'Vyu Headhunter again to get another charm that I needed to trade Sattal Mansal in the Tenshodo HQ for a Coruscant Rosary. I also needed to trade in a Quadov Augury Shell to get a Black Matinee Necklace. With the Coruscant Rosary and the Black Matinee Necklace Krog and I made our way to the sealed off room in Beaudeaux and pilfered the first piece of magicite. Once I removed the Magicite the room in faded to white and I had a vision of the past, a group of adventurers in the Beaucedine Glacier; Raogrimm the Galkan swordsman, Ulrich the Hume Warrior and Cornelia the Hume Monk separated from a fellowship, the tension between Humes and Galkans in Bastok reached a shater point Ulrich unsheathes his sword but Cornelia steps between the two, red snow, a weeping Galka left to die in the blizzard, a hume with a dark secret.