Thursday, October 31, 2013

Street Fighter Assassins Fist

Another shot of Gouken this time on a hill outside the Dojo....
The hills are alive with the sound of HADOKEN!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Walking Dead S4E3 Isolation recap

Sorry, this week's recap is late. Halloween prep and been catching up on American Horror Story!
I swear if they make another remake of Miracle on 34th St. Hershel should play Kris Kringle!
So Tyresse has a.........moment, calm down bro you never even made it outta the friend zone!
So all these innocent people leave Woodbury after the Guvnor goes crazy in the hopes of surviving the zombies only to die from a cold BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!
Carl and Hershel go on a nature hike, while Carol cleans the hoses that pump the water into the zombie farm.
Daryl, Michonne, Tyresse and Bobby go on a road trip to a Austin Massachusetts to get a video tape, they take a shortcut and accidentally run into 10,000 zombies, Michonne tells Daryl to floor it, they can make it! They get stuck in a multi zombie pile up and abandon the car, Tyresse becomes Super Saiyan Handy Manny.....awesome stuff!

 Then Hershel creates an elixir with the dinkleberries he and Carl stole from the Fungai walker and bear trap walker!

 Rick spends the episode doing the CSI thing and somehow comes to the conclusion it was Storytime Carol, he confronts her and she doesn't deny it, she flat out says yup I cooked them up reeeeeal good. OK I didn't see that coming! So it wasn't Dr. S.....
Next Sunday Rick and Carol go on a meds run, Daryl, Michonne, Bobby and Super Saiyan Tyresse go to the Animal Shelter and Beth comes out of the closet.....with baby ass kicker to find all the healthy survivors have left!


Street Fighter Assassin's Fist

New set pic shows Goutetsu getting serious and I can guarantee that Gouki is in this scene! Togo Iwata truly looks the part!

Friday, October 25, 2013

My Los Santos Picture Log Volume 4

 My continued travels around Los Santos As Michael I've spent 12 hrs 24 min traveled 187.92 Miles, 140.52 by car, I've killed 102 innocent people, 30 cops, stole 59 vehicles, I've spent $61,925
As Trevor I've spent 18 hrs 28 mins, traveled 392.55 miles, 195.23 by car. I've killed 242 innocent people, 26 cops, stole 100 vehicles and have spent a total of $145,894
As Franklin Clinton I've spent 18 hs 51 mins, traveled 320.43 miles, 237.89 by car. I've killed 71 innocent peeps and 18 cops, stole 80 vehicles and spent $246,860.

We got Bums!

We got pin ups

Some competition for the Ifruit?

 Crew layover at Los Santos?


Mount Chiliad, No Fires, No Vehicles, No UFO's!

In the Mountains of Madness....

UFO glyphs at the top of Mount Chiliad....

I don't see it!!!

Who's he??

An inconvenient truth indeed!

Is it getting hot out here?

Alcohol and Snakes never mix

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Walking Dead S4E2: Infection recap

Serenity is lost! Zombie Patrick goes on an all you can eat human buffet in cell block D, by morning shit had gotten real, Daryl, Rick, Glen and Carol were sent in foe a clean up in D. Meanwhile the Zombie mosh pit outside the perimeter is growing bigger everyday thanks to someone feeding them rats....I'm callin it right now, it's Doctor S! He's working on a cure using rats he's finding in the prison, when the test subjects turn he disposes them by feeding them to the walkers to destroy the evidence.
There were some other intriguing events in this episode that will pan out later this season, baby ass kicker making Michonne weep, I think we can all conclude she lost a baby, and "story time" Carol is becoming more and more like Ellen Ripley, she makes a promise to the father of two young girls (Lizzie and Mika) after he dies from the D block attack. This will obviously fill the void from the loss of her daughter from season 2 and with Daryl and Carol getting more comfortable with each other we could be seeing the creation of the Zombie Apocalypse Brady Bunch!
And how upset did Rick look when he had to sacrifice Babe, Charlotte, and Peppa, he looked so defeated...the realization that this world would not let Rick live a life like Charles Ingalls really hit him hard.
With this realization Carl gets his gun back and Rick puts the holster back on....welcome back cowboy!  
Next week Daryl, Michonne, Tyresse and Bobby Stookey go on a road trip while Sasha get's sick....she's gonna die! Tyresse is gonna shed his softer side and become that zombie killin mutha fucka Rick and the team needs.
Rick: "What's a Nubian?"
Tyresse: "BLACK RAGE!!!!"

Friday, October 18, 2013

Street Fighter Assassins Fist

Nice pic of  the beautiful
Sayaka inside the dojo.

My Los Santos Picture Log Volume 3 Trevorpalooza!!!

This is the Trevor Philips special....
There's nothing that needs to be said, Trevor's totally fucked in the head but he's also hilarious....definately the most "colorful" character in video game history!
Here we see the effects Trevor has had on the safe house he is crashing in....
I have added a video of the funniest Trevor transitions in the game.....when you switch from of the characters to another you get to see them in their natural habitat doing their own thing....Trevor's are by far the funniest!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Walking Dead S4E1: 30 Days Without An Accident recap

That's some mighty fine H2O....or is it???
Going into season 4 we still have no idea what caused the zombie apocalypse, but this episode certainly hints with a heavy hand that Poland Spring is the cause! Ok maybe not Poland Spring but if you ever saw Cabin Fever that scene towards the end with the reservoir comes to mind.....
The whole episode focuses on water, from Rick splashing his face to the zombies falling through the roof of the convenience store because of water damage, to poor little Patrick who dies in the showers....don't drop that soap! Insipepea of the blowhole during a zombie apocalypse is an awful way to go!
Rick takes a backseat as the prison enjoys a few months of normalcy, and Daryl MFin' Dixon fills his shoes and becomes a post apocalyptic celebrity, this is great as he is the most popular character on the show, but it makes me nervous that he might end up on the Talking Dead before this season ends!
I see what you're doin' Rick trying sow some seeds with Carl by puttin down the gun and pickin up the hoe.....good luck with that! Carl may look like a kid but growing up in this shitfest of a world robbed him of his childhood...he's a stone cold killa and as sad as it is, I foresee Carl going against "The Law" in the future.
I liked how this episode reiterated that the danger of the walkers is still real, by the end of S3 everyone seemed like a pro when it came to killing walkers, but this episode shows that even the seasoned vets can still be caught of guard when mayhem shows up at the quickie mart!
I really like Carol's transformation from battered wife to instructing kids on knife fighting, she has evolved from a meek character to a strong female roll model reminiscent of Ellen Ripley!
Tyresse, stop being such a bitch! You can probably punch the heads off walkers man up or git the F out! Your sister has bigger kajones  than you.
I wonder if Glenn keeps the rest of cell block D up when he's giving Maggie the D? Unlike Lori childbirth should be a little less deadly now that we have Dr. Stookey Army MD! But Dr. Stookey has issues (who doesn't?), his best friend is a Walker....Johnny Walker!
Sorry I couldn't resist.
And I'll finish up with Beth aka Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness, your boyfriend was a red shirt....I saw it a mile away! Your destiny lies on a different path, I think your destined to save Carl from himself....ohh and what was up with that hug??? I don't think Hershel would approve if you brought Daryl over before the Zombie Apocalypse and something tells me he still wouldn't...
Oh yeah RIP Harry Potter  Patrick, you should have cleaned your hands after shaking Daryl's hand! GERMS!!!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Walking Dead S4E2 Infected preview

Carl is still a child, when kids want something they suddenly become polite and nice....Carl want's his gun back. Rick totally deflects his request and then is saved by the bell gun shots. Apparently zombie Patrick has been busy in the D.....

Friday, October 11, 2013

Street Fighter Assassin's Fist

Goutetsu returns home from War...

Street Fighter Assassins Fist

Three set pics today!
Gouki with a busted lip...most likely a gift from Gouken.
A beautifully serene image of Gouken and young Ryu by a pond.
And an ominous pic of Goutetsu at night...

My Los Santos Picture Log Volume 2

So after a few attempts at GTA Online I decided to return to the story and wait for the patch that came out yesterday.

So the first pic is where Michael spills his guts to Franklin about his involvement with the FIB.

I snapped this pic with Franklin after the assassination mission

LMAO at this billboard!

I got these next two pics after Trevor jacked the Cargobob chopper from Fort Zancudo last night. I like the pretty lights...

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Walking Dead S4E1: 30 Days Without An Accident Preview

We getting cozy in the prison! Those extra hands sure are coing in handy....we got flower pots, supply sheds, vegetable gardens and livestock!
Is The Walking Dead taking a cue from Zombie Farm?
Next thing the Rickocracy needs is a 5 guys burgers!
The last time I checked planting guns didn't yield anything edible......

Monday, October 7, 2013

Godzilla Teaser Trailer breaks free online

So I got to check out the teaser for next years Godzilla movie today right before WB put the interwebs on lockdown!
I'm a fan of the King of Monsters, have been since I was kid watching them on WPIX Sunday afternoons, I have almost every Godzilla movie from the 1954 original, Gojira up to 1995's Godzilla Vs Destoroyah.
I saw Godzilla 1985 in the theaters as a kid and took my wife to see Godzilla 2000....she wasn't into the audience participation.
My all time favorite G movies are Godzilla Vs Hedorah (smog monster), Destroy all Monsters, Godzilla Vs Biolante and Godzilla Vs Destoroyah.
The trailer looks epic! The destruction looks biblical! And the little bit of Godzilla we are shown looks faithful to the Toho Studios creation...not that crappy 1998 Roland Emmerich Godzilla movie.
And the voice over of Robert Oppenheimer adds an ominous level of seriousness that adds to the grim theme of Gojira.
I can't wait!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising Review

This movie takes place shortly after the events of S3E65 Deadlock, Shockwave and Starscream have been secretly cloning Predacons somewhere on Cyberton, the first 2 being Skylynx and Darksteel. Meanwhile Optimus Prime tells the team that although Cyberton is once again habitable, without the All Spark new Cybertronian life cannot be created, so he travels out in deep space with Wheel Jack to retrieve it.
Meanwhile the shell of Megatron laying at the bottom of the ocean is reactivated by Unicron, apparently when Megs fused Dark Energon with his spark, he no longer could become one with the all spark (Primus) and his spark belonged to Unicorn (the chaos bringer).....this is actually the closest the Transformers lore has ever come (in my knowledge) to religion...but that's a discussion for another time.

So Megs corpse gets an upgrade, but unlike the 80's movie he doesn't become Galvatron, he's more of a supersized Megatron with some earth like aesthetic elements to indicate Unicron is controlling the corpse, yet Megatrons conscience is reflected as his normal self when speaking to the spirit of Unicron....I imagine anyone watching the movie who's never seen the show would be completely confused, but thanks to a little exposition between Smokescreen, Arcee and Sir Bumblebee (Prime knights him in the beginning lol) we are informed it's actually Unicorn taken Cybertronian form.
The entire movie takes place on Cybertron, so no Jack, Miko and Raf.
Rachet does come from earth to patch up Ultra Magnus who once again get's his ass whooped by a Predacon.
So Unitron/Megacron travels to Cybertron to destroy Primus, Bumblebee confronts Predaking to join forces to stop Shockwave and Starscream from cloning more Predacons. Predaking refuses so Bumblebee goes on a tip from Knockout to check Darkmount, it's here Bee and the others come face to face with Unicron and barely escape. Shortly afterwards Unicron confronts Predaking, Megatron convinces Unicron to allow him to fight Predaking but Megs throws the fight in the hopes Predaking destroys Unicron thus freeing Megatrons Spark...Unicron realizes Megatron's scheme and for the remainder of the movie tortures Megatron's spark, then proceeds to kick Predakings ass. After that Unicron discovers the tool to which he will destroy Primus, Unicron unleashes the power of Dark Energon in the Predacon graveyard creating an army of undead terrorcons and marches towards the Well of Allsparks.
Bumblebee returns aboard the Nemesis and plans to make a final stand against Unicorn and his army of darkness (sorry couldn't resist), Starscream has other plans though and tries to take back the Nemesis to escape but Knockout....knocks him out, reinforcing his claim that he has switched sides. The Nemesis attacks Unicron's army but is overwhelmed and crashes at the entrance to the Well of Allsparks  shortly afterwards Predaking arrives with Skylynx and Darksteel to aid the Autobots. They slow the Undead Terrorcon army for a bit but are soon overpowered as well and dragged into the well!
In Cybertron's darkest hour Optimus Prime arrives with the All Spark and fights Unicron, Optimus calls for Megatrons help to no avail as Megs spark is still being tormented by Unicron! Bumblebee saves  Optimus and Prime tries to flee with the All Spark coffer but Uncron rips it from Prime's hands and opens the coffer!
Is Primus destroyed? Is Unicron victorious? What happens to Megatron?
The movie was enjoyable and definately brings closure to this series that in my opinion is the best iteration thus far even surpassing the G1 series.
The fate of Optimus and Megatron in TFP is fresh and original. I'm satisfied with the way it concluded, I can see many D-con fanboys being disapointed with Megs final words but I am glad that the story had closure instead of getting dragged on and watered down.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Street Fighter Assassins Fist

New set pic from SFAF! Gouken taking a moment of reflection in the his past coming back to haunt him?

Street Fighter Assasins Fist

Check out young Ryu at Gouken's dojo with an unknown character....