Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Game Review: NBA Street V3

Here are my initial feelings of NBA Street V3 after having it for around 2 weeks...EA BIG did an incredible job with SSX3, the improvements from the original can be seen and heard throughout the game. I cannot say the same thing for NBA Street V3, the visual improvents are minor, the soundtrack is aweful wif the exception of the Beastie Boys A letter to NYC and the announcer......THANK GOD you can mute him! There are some additions and revisions to the game like the ability to take your custom baller on line, the "trick stick" R analog stick and a new dunk contest. The online layout is cumbersome and some people might have problems if they're connected to a router....I found I couldn't control my character for the entire first game I played online, I watched some guy slam on me for a 21-0 shutout .Oh did I mention the soundtrack is a huge pile of dog crap!NBA Street V3 also lets you use your earned points from career mode towards creating and customizing your own court, but if you want to reign supreme online you better get to hookin' up your player yo. Max out those stats so you can get you respect online. Then focus on renovating your court wif seating, banners, hot graffitti, better stancheons, backboards, nets, pavement etc.Your fro outta contro? Take yo baller to get a new hair style at the street barbershop....yup there's a barber shop but don't look for the queen, she ain't dere. Another way to spend your ducketts is to create your own sneaker! WOW that's awesome.....no not really. Well if creating your own sneaker line ain't your fizzle why not waste your money on bling...BIG bling, bling that will make Mr T jealous.Oh did I mention the game announcer is so ghetto unfabulous you'll wand to smash your PS2! If you're playing V3 on a Gamecube, well putting Mario, Luigi and Pricess Peach in the game is pointless in my opinion and the toony characters look so out of place in this game it's rediculous!The game play and graphics are slighty improved from the first game, the sound track is ass, and the unintelligible mumbo jumbo that comes from the announcer makes Forest Gump look like an Ivy league scholar! The addition of the trick stick is unnecessary and I found it took away from the feel of the original game, which played similarly to SSX. The original street was far more enjoyable. Save your money, but if you have to have it just buy Street V1 it's a greatest hit's title now and you should be able to find it for under 20 dollars.

4/10 offline 3/10 online