Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fringe S5 E88: Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11

The first episode of season 5 titled,  Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 was a good start to the final season, the pacing was good and there was never a lull throughout. The jump to the year 2036 opens up so much potential story line but with only 13 episodes left the writers of Fringe hopefully have a clear idea of how they are going to conclude this fantastic series.
As usual John Noble delivered an amazing performance, the interrogation scene with Captain Windmark was very powerful and was totally believable that Walters mind was being ravaged as Windmark searched for info. I imagined Michael Douglas in Black Rain tearing apart the gang hideout but that was what was happening to Walters mind.
I like Georgina Haig's character Etta, Daughter of Peter and Olivia, she resonates a mental fortitude and determination that both Peter and Olivia have....or had. I got the impression that both Peter and Olivia were tired...dejected that after everything they went through they still couldn't save their timelines future. Etta felt like she was humanities torch bearer.
After letting the events of the episode sink in and pondering what this universe is going to do to defeat the "observers". I thought to myself what if September fragmented the info betwenn Walter AND Walternate!
And the only way to access it is for both Walters to use the Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 from their respective essence a mind meld with both Walters!
The finale scene where Walter is blinded by the sun reflecting off of the CD's also hints to my theory....reflection of himself....on half a disk. I think the sun will also play some part in the conclusion of Fringe...the yellow dandelion, the song Only You by Yazoo.....I did a little Google search and looky at what I found!

Transformers Prime S2 E47 Alpha Omega

Last nights episode Alpha Omega had some very cool moments! Alpha Trion; still rocking the foo man choo tells Optimus that the last 4 Cybertronian WoMD's are keys to reanimate Cybertron!
The Scavenger hunt continues!
I enjoyed watching Megs and Dread tomb raiding on Cybertron!
When Megs returns the episode began to take on a Star Warsish feel with Knock Out cuting off Megs right forearm and then the battle in Cairo between Optimus and the star sabre and Megs with the dark star sabre!
Megatron really dropped the ball....he had the dam key, he shoulda ben like "peace out Arcee I got the key" and shoved that Dark Star Sabre right in her chest!
Overall a fun episode that looks to be the first of the final 5 episodes to season 2 which will culminate to a season Finale on Cybertron!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

TGS 2012 FFXIV Trailer

Squeenix has published the latest trailer for FFXIV. Slated for release on the PS3 this MMO has had one of the worst launches in history, I don't think launching this title on the PS3 at the end of the consoles life cycle is a good idea, especially with a subscription service. Most gamers will be migrating to PS4 and the next X-box in the 2013 holiday season.
I watched the trailer and for me it really didn't grab me as anything other than a graphically enhanced FFXI.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

TGS 2012: Okami HD trailer

Here's the Trailer for Okami HD from TGS!
I have the PS2 game and I promise you, if you've never played it, buy this HD rerelease! I'm gonna double dip and get Okami HD!

Metal Gear Solid Social Ops Promo Trailer

 I'm still not 100% clear what Social ops is all about but this trailer leads me to believe it's a card battle game, you collect cards from "missions" and then build a collection to battle against other people via their cell phones.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Celebrating 25 years of Metal Gear

With the 25th anniversary celebration of Metal Gear in full swing I revisited MGS4 when the trophy patch released....I'm on my third play through now and just need 5 more trophies to plat. I've taken a break from MGS4 and begun MGS: Peace Walker HD.....I am really enjoying MGS Peace Walker and I'm only at the end of the first chapter! It's so cool seeing the fruition of Outer Heaven! This game was originally released on the PSP back in 2010 and then announced last year that it would be part of the Metal Gear Solid HD collection.
It's interesting how MGS: Peace Walker shares so much in common with  the MGS: Ground Zeroes trailer.
Playing Peace Walker has really sparked my interest in where in the MGS chronology Ground Zeroes will cover...I doubt it'll happen but to see Solid Snake face Big Boss in Outer Heaven would be EPIC!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros

Seems like the odd numbered Metal Gear Solid games are the better ones Metal Gear Solid, MGS 3 and now Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeros (tech demo for MGS 5 on the Fox engine) are the ones that really have amazing stories and push the limits of the system they're on.
So MGS4 gave us old Solid Snake and Ground Zeros shows the return of Naked Snake aka Big Boss but a bit older.
Technically the visuals are stunning, the sound effects sound amazing with so many levels going on at once the rain, the wind, the footsteps in the mud, the jeeps idling in the distance the hounds barking....this is what surround sound is for and all that will draw the player further into the games experience.
I'm curious about our crispy friend with the brimmed hat....for those in the know we all know how the original Metal Gear ended...are we actually seeing the end of MGS5?! And the boy in the that Jack/Raiden? It fits the time line....
Chico and Pax, who are they? Are they the two phantoms born from Fox?
This trailer has reignited my interest in the Metal Gear Saga and I can't wait to hear more about Ground Zeros, Big Boss, Cypher, Pax and Chico! Meanwhile I'm playing MGS4 again and going for the Platinum Trophy. I've also DL'd the MG HD collection and will be replaying MGS 2 and MGS3 for the trophies also.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

FFXIV Limit Break Trailer

FFXI 2.0 looks incredible, this trailer brings back memories of running with the Lord of the Beasts Linkshell on the Shiva server...back when MMO's meant Multi Player TEAM WORK....

Regardless the game looks gorgeous!