Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mass Effect 3: Rebellion multiplayer DLC

The next Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC has arrived!
Cerberus lashes FTW!


New Characters

- Vorcha

- Quarian Male

- Cerberus Defector

New Maps

- Firebase Jade
Surrounded by huge waterfalls, Firebase Jade overlooks an ancient reservoir built by the salarians centuries ago. Set up strategic chokepoints inside the base’s main buildings to get the jump on your enemy, and work with your team to meticulously clear each room to achieve victory.

- Firebase Goddess
Firebase Goddess, nestled in the epicenter of a Thessian metropolis, is one of the last strongholds of asari resistance against the Reapers. With its circular layout, Firebase Goddess is a tough location to control. This arena combines heavy cover and elevated firing positions, so stay light on your feet.

New Weapons

- Harrier Assault Rifle

- Reegar Carbine Shotgun

- Krysae Sniper Rifle

New Map Objective
- Retrieval

Retrieve is a new objective added to Multiplayer through the Rebellion DLC. Valuable supplies are in the field and Operatives need to secure and bring the supplies to key locations on the map. Teamwork is very important in this objective because the supply carrier will be slowed down and unable to evade, covering the supply carrier and working as a team will ensure your success in this new objective type.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Final Fantasy Dimensions (Legends) announced for ios

Seems like alot of my favorite anime and game franchises are having anniversaries this celebrate Final Fantasy's 25th, SE is launching Final Fantasy Dimensions for ios this summer.
It's not a new game though, it appears that this is simply a port of FF: Legends an episodic mobile game that came out in japan in 2010.

I'm not sure what that says about mobile phones in Japan in 2010 versus mobile phones in the US in 2012...
The game will appeal to old school FF fans as the game's graphics are similar to FFV, and uses a very similar job system and the glorious ATB system!
As mentioned FF: Legends was an episodic title and after the initial chapter released a new chapter was released each month for next 13 months.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Insanity Run Complete!

Last night I completed my Mass Effect3 Insanity run. And I imagine I sounded a little something like the parrot below as I stumbled towards the beam to the Citadel and died around 20 times at the hands of 3 Husks and a sneaky ass Marauder...
Sorry hun ;)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Transformers Prime S2E41: Toxicity Preview

The arms race continues on Transformers Prime tonight! Looks like Bulkhead gets his chassis handed to him by an Insecticon...
Current Relic Count...
Megs has the Forge of Solis Prime and the Resonance Blaster 
Optimus Prime has (had) the Spark Extractor & the Phase Shifter
Starscream has the Apex Armor
I wonder if tonight's relic will fall in Mech's hands...possible surprise appearance of Silas.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Prometheus: David and Meredith have a heart to heart

I know that tone of voice...that's the "i'll claw your synthetic eyes out like a rabbid cat on a commercial space freighter"...
Meredith seems a tad miffed with David...ahh David you daffy synthetic bastard what are you up to?
14 more days!!! by PrometheusForum

Movie Review: Battleship

 Dear Hollywood,
Do you really want to stop internet piracy? Do you really want to keep the interwebs from stealing food from the mouth's of Gaffer 1's family?
I might have some advice....
This movie is a complete waste of people's money.
The best way to describe the characters is you could cut and paste them in almost any Michael Bay movie or vice versa and they'd be just as relevant. The characters are so cliche....nerdy science guy with round glasses, beard and ipod; slacker protagonist that saves the day; smoking hot eye candy that we're supposed to believe is a physical therapist, a bunch of anabolic rejects from Gold's Gym that we're supposed to believe are in the US Navy and  a stereotypical big angry black man.....but he's got no legs! Oh yeah and Liam Neeson as an Admiral...he's in the movie for all of 5 minutes...what's the point besides a paycheck? There's also John Carter from Mars and Rihanna...she says boom :/
The plot is assinine, the aliens arrive exactly the same way the Transformers did in the first Bayformers movie. In fact Battleship looks like they picked up all the cutting room floor scraps from Transformers and Armageddon  and spliced it together to make this movie.  The movie is so predictable also....we got an unconscience alien, what should we do? does it wake up suddenly while we're examining it? C'mon how many times has that been done in an Alien /monster movie? Everytime!!!
So some NASA hipsters create a com-relay that somehow reaches an Earth like planet somewhere in the universe, the Aliens travel across the Universe and land in the hits a satelite and crashes into Hong Kong....really? A satellite....that's like (to keep it relevant) an aircraft carrier hitting a dingy while pulling into New York Harbor and careening out of control into the statue of Liberty. Just Stupid.
So these aliens travel across the universe to start some shit but find they are ill prepared to deal with the suns harmful UV rays...
 Thankfully Daft Punk has created helmets for them to protect their sensitive if only they could hear! I mean c'mon a battleships main gun rotating has to be kinda noisy right? Dumbass Alien just stood there.
Oh and on that note why the fuck did the aliens not just fly outta the water and rip the Erf a new one, they were able to travel across the Universe to reach us right?
Don't even get me started on the alien design...straight up CG amorphous humanoid with porcupine quils for a soul patch beard OMFG PATHETIC!!!
Maybe Earth's gas prices were cost prohibitive...
The dialog in no way helped this hot mess "Boom"..."I got this" etc who wrote this a 6th grader?
Battleship runs a little over 2 hours, that's 40 minutes longer than necessary in my opinion and if they cut out all the slow mo (every 10 mins ) the movie would clock in at a reasonable 90 mins.
This movie is a gold mine for a MST3K treatment! Especially the fight between big angry parapalegic black army guy "I got this" and the Alien Capt Ahab....pure comedy gold!
For anyone who plans on going to the movies this Memorial Day weekend and you are deciding between Battleship and The Avengers TRUST ME..go see the Avengers! Battleship will be in Best Buys bargin bin a month after release on DVD.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Konami teases a return of the Dragon...

What do you see in the pic to your left? I see a world engulfed in darkness and evil, a world without an order of holy knights, a world that's lost a lengendary hero named Gabriel Belmont...yet we know that the Belmont name lives on....
What will be revealed on 5/31/2012???

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collectors Set

1987 seems like a life time ago, but it's only been a quarter of a century!
Capcom has announced the most impressive collectors editions I've ever witnessed in all my years of playing video games. Regardless that I'm a fan of the Street Fighter franchise this 25th Anniversaty  limited collectors set is rediculously amazing! You get  4 games:
* Street Fighter X Tekken
* Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012
* Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition
* Super Street Fighter II HD Remix
*All the DLC for SFXT and SSFIVAE2012

The collectors set also comes with 2 Blu ray disks containing:
*Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Documentary
* Street Fighter II The Animated Movie
*SFIV The Ties That Bind Animated Movie
*SSFIV Original Film
* Street Fighter Animated Series (not SFII V)

The collectors set also comes with an 11 CD's containing:
*SF soundtrack
*SSFIIT soundtrack
*SFA3 soundtrack
*SFIII 3S soundtrack
*SSFIV AE soundtrack
*SFXT soundtrack
*remixes and original songs

The collectors set also includes:
*Full length Embroidered Obi (Ryu replica)
*Hardcover Tribute Art book
*8 inch illuminated Ryu figurine in Shoryuken pose

Capcom has really raised the level for future collectible sets with this 25th Anniversary set, and in my opinion $150.00 for all this is a steal!
Regretibly I own the majority of the stuff listed minus the Obi, Ryu Figurine, Art book, SXT, SSFIV Original Film, and the crappy American animated series (don't want).
This is a very rare gem for any hardcore fan of video games!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Alien Colonial Marines: Suspense Trailer

The last Alien FPS I owned was the Alien Trilogy game from Akklaim for the PS1, that was a great game for it's time, Colonial Marines looks and sounds very promising. The box art is pretty sweet also.

Skyfall Teaser trailer

The trailer for Bond 23 hit web today, I like the aesthetics and the mystery....everything looks fresh and new, no clear connection to CR or QoS.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Prometheus Viral Video: Quiet Eye

Check out Lisbeth Elizabeth Shaw bugabooin' Mr Weyland's vidcom...looks like security systems are supplied by Yutani Co.!
23 more days!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Movie Review: The Avengers

The Avengers was awesome fun! I saw Iron Man 1& 2, Captain America and Thor...not a prerequisite for this movie but it certainly made a few instances in the movie easier to comprehend.
I sincerely hope Michael Bay was taking notes during the movie...
See Mike it is possible to have a movie where an entire city get's blown up with crazy action and amazing special effects AND still have awesome characters that are meaningful, intelligent, AND just as entertaining as the s'plosions and mayhem going on all around.
The Avengers acts as a sequel to the Captain America and Thor films from last year, I enjoyed both...Cap a little more. I was a bit leary of the Hulk as I still can't erase the memory of Ang Lee's Hulk movie from my brain but I was pleasantly surprised at how well Mark Ruffalo fit the role of Dr. Bruce Banner, and on that note the Incredible in this movie!
Yeah I know I said it....
Robert Downey Jr./Tony Stark/IronMan was definitely the focal point & catalyst of the avengers, if I wasn't laughing at one of his nicknames for the rest of the team or off color remarks I was cheering him on while he talked smack to Loki or was just flying around Manhattan fighting the Chitauari or doing his best Superman impression...
Without Ironman we have a dude with a shield, a dude with a hammer, a dude with a bow and arrow, a chick with a hand gun and a hulk...
Don't get me wrong the other Avengers are no slouches and each shine on their own and are just as crucial a part of the Avengers dynamic. The movie does a superb job of showing us this how each member compliments and contrasts each other, how their individuality is a detriment and an asset to the Avenger initiative. That dynamic is so well demonstrated in the movie it feels genuine and is done better than any other comic book movie I've seen to date.
Chis Evans does a great job with Captain America, the Cap felt more grounded and believable and it was great  how Evan's shows that even though Captain America is the first Avenger he's still human and can be hurt.
Chris Hemsworth/Thor aka Legolas ;) also adds to the epicness of this movie by proving once again Thor's no homo! Love that shared moment in Grand Central Station with him and the Hulk!!!
Jeremy Renner was a good choice for Hawkeye and once he's freed from Loki's control reaffirms what Legolas and Katniss already know...anyone can shoot a gun but it takes mad skill to shoot a bow and arrow and still look cool doing it while shit is getting real all around you!
And Scarlett Johanessen....Black Widow could've been sitting on the  toilet on the helicarrier the whole movie and it'd still be amazing. Scarlett, YOU should've got the role of Selina Kyle/Cat woman in TDKR!
And lastly Sam Jackson,  your Nick Fury needs some work...go talk to Hasselhoff....just playin! I hope there's a an out take on the Blu Ray where you're on the bridge of the Helicarrier and say "That's IT! I've had it with these Mutha Fuckin Aliens on this Mutha Fuckin Planet!"
Last time we saw Loki (Tom Hiddleston), the villain from Thor, he was knocked off the rainbow road into oblivion...While floating in the void he must've found the Other some freakish cross between Darth Sidious and A Guillermo DelToro creature...nightmare fuel for younger kids in my opinion. Anywho there's villains that are  big and strong and physically menacing...usually not high scorers on the villain SAT's, then you get the cunning, devious, nefarious villains with an insatiable lust for power....that's Loki and Hiddleston has proven that he can be that type of villain in both the Thor and The Avengers movies.
The special effects in this movie are incredible and will look amazing on Bluray, NYC never looked so good while being trashed!
Lets be honest this could've been a tremendous train wreck! With 6 distinctive super heros with their own personalities/powers/origin stories etc., other franchises like X-Men and Spiderman (both 3rd) stumbled with the multiple hero's in one film approach
The Avengers is an awesome start to the summer and is a must see movie!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Game Review: Journey

When I first read about this game I was intrigued..... a multiplayer game that doesn't require the player to play with anyone, where your identity is ambiguous, where the only form of communication is a melodic chime.
You've heard the term it's not the destination but the journey...that is essentially all Journey is about.  
Recently there's been more and more debate as to whether video games can be considered art, Roger Ebert is of the opinion that they are not. Many non gamers still see video games as a kids hobby. I believe if they play experience Journey they're opinions might be challenged. I've been playing video games since the Atari 2600 was "current gen", I've played adventure games, RPG's, sports games, MMO's, fighting games, racing games, FPS's, TPS's, TRPG's and Journey doesn't fit into ANY of these genre's!  Journey is such a unique experience, that I don't want to go into too much detail but I assure you Journey is worth every cent!
In today's generation where games are striving for bigger and more realistic Journey shines in an abstract yet eerily familiar world.
The game's environments are stunning as is the music, the entire experience spans from serene tranquility to emotionally uplifting.
Journey isn't about high scores, kill counts, win streaks or any thing like that, it offers the player a memorable experience and afterwards once your journey is complete you will then understand why I urge you to experience this game for yourself....or with someone you meet along the way.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Expendables 2 Trailer

Like I said yesterday, April Showers...May trailers
Anywho, The Expendibles 2 trailer just hit the interwebs...


The Horror (Prometheus audio clip)

Here's the deciphered audio puzzle from Prometheus! If you've seen the most recent International trailer this spoilery audio goes hand in hand with a certain part of it.
I actually had to turn it off, it was soo disturbing....and this is coming from someone who made it through a viewing og 2G1C!
Ok Sir Ridley here's my money! Take it now!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops II reveal trailer

Apparently April showers bring May trailers...
Here's the reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops II that was aired during the NBA finals last night.
Honestly this trailer could be for any FPS, in fact it could have been for a new MGO, it looks like treyarch is being tasked with building a COD to compete with Ghost Recon Future Warfighter...the game certainly has that futuristicy look with hover drones, Walking quadpedal tanks, predator drones, touch screen wristband PDA, sleek F-16's galore AND horseback riding! WTF? And that homage to Total Recall with that Xray security screen.
COD:BOII hits 11-13-12

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Macross: Do You Remember Love? PS3 Hybrid Pack

The 30th anniversary of the theatrical release of SDFM: DYRL was announced on April 26th. I've been a fan of Macross since I was child and thought Robotech was amazing...only to discover SDFM was the true story.
Namco Bandai will be releasing this incredible set on July 26, 2012! 
The Anniversary box in first press edition includes the PS3 game and the movie in HD remastering version, a bonus Blu-ray disc (90 minute bonus with commercials, trailers etc), a 24 page color booklet, a mini theatrical pamphlet, a poster collection, a mini sketch collection, and a special box!
Regrettably the  Limited Edition is already sold out but the Regular Edition is still available on CD below.

Limited Edition SDFM DYRL PS3 hybrid pack @ CD Japan

Regular Edition SDFM DYRL PS3 hybrid pack @ CD Japan

New TDKR trailer

Yesterday TDKR viral kicked into high gear and this morning we're treated to the third trailer for TDKR! Lots of new footage here and it is definitively leading us towards that certain confrontation... I like the tie in with BB with Wane climbing out of the well...."Why do we fall Master Wayne?" Looking forward to seeing this almost as much as Prometheus.