Friday, July 30, 2004

The Emissary: Episode II

After reaching San D'Oria I went to the Bastokan consolate there and recieved my next orders, to go to Fort Ghelsba where Orcses run amok and the Yughott Grotto and report my findings to the consul of Bastok.

After reaching the summit of the Ghelsba outpost Krog and I return to San d' Oria and report to the consolate. The final part of my mission awaits, the BCNM dragon at Horlias peak. This fight would prove to challenging, not due to the difficulty of the dragon but the difficulty in finding people who still needed to fight the dragon. A few weeks passed before I was able to finish the mission but the group I fought the dragon with broke the record for time.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Emmisary: Episode I

My latest mission for the republic is a top secret mission organized by President Karst of Bastok. I am to travel to Windurst, the details of my mission would be given to me in the Bastok consulate in Windurst.....

After reaching Windurst under the cloak of darkess I headed to the Bastok consulate and recieved my orders. I was told to go to Heavens Tower (think giant tree in Secret of Mana) get a magical weapon which is supposed to be given to a Yagudo Beastman in Giddeus named Uu Zhoumo as a peace offering. The Tarutaru give the Yagudo beastmen weapons and in turn the Yagudo don't attack Windurst.But Bastok has other plans for this magic weapon.....I'm told by my "contact" to bring the weapon back to the consulate and swap it with a fake. After doing so I head north to Giddeus to give Uu Zhoumo the fake, things don't go as planned when the Yagudo realizes the weapon is a fake . uu Zhoumo order me to get him an Aspir knife from a Notorious Monster (NM) named Eyy Mon (Jamaican Yagudo ). After killing Eyy Mon I gave Uu Zhuomo the Aspir knife and met up with Little Killer.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Paradise Lost

As I leveled BLM I began to travel more frequently throughout Vana Diel, I found I wasn't as worried about being attacked. Mobs that used to pose a threat to me as a WHM were easily dispatched as a BLM. I completed a few more quests in San d' Oria then headed back to the Valurm Dunes to continue XPing with PT's.

Todays specialty, Crab legs ala Valkurm. That little blue thing is a deadly summon known as Carbuncle.....he's a distant relative of Pikachu. He kills stuff with nauseating cuteness.

And here I am getting a tan in the headed elves gotta be xtra careful!

Thursday, July 1, 2004

Altana's Sorrow

After completing a few more quests in Bastok I reached a high enough level of fame to recieve the quest from the San d'Orian friar Virnage in the Mining district of Bastok. He asked that I retrieve a bucket of magical paint from the Garliage Citadel to help restore the beauty of the alter of the Goddess Altana in the Metal Works. As a reward Virnage would give me a letter to bring to the monks in the San D'Orian Cathedral who would then give me the scroll of Teleport Dem.
Yeah I could just buy it at the auction house for an UnGodly amount but what's the fun in that. So off I go to get that bucket of magic paint, I reach the entrance to the Citadel and cast Sneak, Deodorize, and Invisible to let me search in peace for this magic bucket of paint. I head down into the dark corridors and begin to search the rooms, careful to not fall thru the large holes in the floor. The Citadel is overrun with bats and it is imperative to keep sneak on at all times or suffer Krog's fate you will, during my through investigation my Sneak spell wore off! But I figured if I didn't move I could recast it and the bats would be none the wiser But by recasting Sneak I would negate the Invis spell....I figured there were no other mobs around that could detect by sight so I'd be ok.....wrong Just as I recast sneak a Bomb-type mob spawns and begins to hit me for large chunks of health, I wouldn't last long against this foe so I do the Mage thing and begin to cast Warp, the Bomb hits me but doesn't shake Tryp's focus, I continue to recite the spell, dark energy begins to surround me as I the room fills with the ancient words, the Bomb goes to hit me again but this time it misses and it appears I will escape this encounter, as I come to the end of my incantation the purple haze of the vortex tears open a portal that will reopen in the heart of Bastok and I will be an entire continent away from the deep dark of the Garilage Shitadel....moments later adventurers going to and fro in the Republic of Bastok are momenarily caught off guard when the fabric of space & time is torn asunder and a lifeless body is dumped in the middle of the Market district.

It appears that the ATB meter isn't present in this MMORPG 'cause my enemy got a last second hit on me for a whopping 170+ damage . The next time I attempted to get the elusive bucket of magic paint I contracted a guide, his name LittleKiller.
With the help of this mighty Taru I got my Paint and warped safely back to Bastok to give Virnage his stupid paint. He gave me the letter and telleported to the crag of Holla in the La Thene plataue, jumped on a Chocobo and headed to the Kingdom of San D' Oria to get my scroll of Dem. Later that evening I was drinking in the pub in Port Sandy when I overheard a rumor that a Vampire was down in the prison below the Chateau d' OraguilleI was fascinated by the whispers of this evil lurking below San D' Oria so I headed to the Chateau.......But that is a tale for another time.