Sunday, May 30, 2004

The Legend of Mana-ru

Vana Diel is changed,
I feel it in the water crystals,
I feel it in the earth crystals,
I smell it in the Bastok air,
It's a dangerous business... going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.
As Tryptifaeris woke the morning light illuminated his lonely mog house, he got up and streched, his body aching from the cold hard floor. He threw on his robes and stumbled out into Bastok markets, after shivering for a few minutes in front of firewater circle his pal Krogenar met up with him and the two set out for Windurst.
As we traveled thru the Konschat Highlands a giant Mist Lizard snuck up behind us Oo.

We crossed the white sand beaches of the Valkurm Dunes and reached the Port town of Selbina, I paid the 100 gil for a ferry ticket and waited for the ferry to M'huara.

During our voyage I asked the captain if I could steer the ship, and was quickly escorted to the brig.

Later during our trip I tried to organize a shuffle board competition on deck, it went well until pirates came and ruined it....they're no fun!

When we arrived in M'huara Krog told me to stay close and keep my eyes peeled for mobs while we crossed Buburimu Peninsula. I didn't have the slightest idea where I was going since I didn't have the maps for this region. We crossed Tahrongi Canyon to East Sarutabaruta, the terrain was quite different from both Gustaberg and Ronafaure, windy, dry, and the land was flat and streched out as far as my elvaan eyes could see.

When we entered Windurst I thanked Krog for being my guild to this strange land, and went off to familiarize myself with the locals, here I am visiting the Windurst petting zoo...serious! The citizens are a unique mix of races, taru taru and Mithra.

Here we see how Windurst harnesses the power of nature compared to Bastok's total disregard for it's natural resources. I'm gonna give President Karst a piece of my mind when I get back!
Windurst is teeming with life! This lily pad sheds light upon a small pond during the night, frogs sing and crickets chirp melodies as Tryptifaeris slips in a peaceful dream of the blond girl from Al Bhed...
The next morning Tryptifaeris heads to port Windurst and visits the fishing guild, then pulls out his rod and shows it to this Mithra, my cheek is still red Oo

After spending a few days in Windurst, I got homesick for Bastok so I packed up my stuff and headed home. Once I was back I checked my Auction House sales and went to my mog house.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

The Fellowship of the Kontract

May 22nd 2004; a day the citizens of Bastok will always remember (well the members of Kontract anyway). Kopernikuz the thief left Vana Diel, sadly the members of Kontract were slowly fading away also, some left for other Linkshells others, like Kopernikuz left Vana Diel never to return.
Meanwhile Tryptifaeris has taken a break from the chaos that is the Valkurm Dunes and returned to Bastok to begin a career in fishing. After weighing all my choices I decided on fishing because it seems the least expensive to begin. I've also bought 4 brass flowerpots and been planting the seeds I get from my strolling sapling victims.
Ever since I visited San d'Oria I've been itching to visit Windurst, hopefully I'll have a report on my travels to the continent of Mindartia soon.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Know your roll!

After spending some time in the Kingdom of San d'Oria I headed back to the Valkurm Dunes, as a WHM I never seem to wait very long for an <>. My experience thus far with parties is, some folks just don't know their roll! For a WHM like myself it's relatively easy, cast Protectra and Shellra and watch the party members HP's, and cast a cure spell now and then. As a WHM I don't concern myself with the intricacies of weapon skills (although I can learn them), the art of voking and pulling, not needed.
At my level soloing as a WHM is not an option any longer, the experiences I've had so far is I'm either in a party that knows what they're doing and the members know their roll ie tank=hate monger, puller= has a ranged weapon or knows how to use ability of provoke, DDers= better have that weapon skill capped and up to level armor and mages: black=understand how to use nuke and not get hate and magic burst, red=refresh <>, white= buffs & curing.
It may sound complicated but it really isn't.
Unfortunately there have been a number of times where the puller doesn't know about linking mobs or how they detect, or the DD's armor is 10 levels below their current level, or the DD's don't "voke" the mob off the other members.
But thankfully that hasn't been the norm, I chalk it up to all us PS2 n00bs learning the ropes.
So my adventures in the Valkurm dunes continue as I battle Clippers, Damselfly's and Pugils and try and collect the 3 rare/ex items for my sub job. I forsee Trytifaeris delving into the the dark arts of the Black Mage once I unlock the ability to have a sub job.