Sunday, May 23, 2004

The Fellowship of the Kontract

May 22nd 2004; a day the citizens of Bastok will always remember (well the members of Kontract anyway). Kopernikuz the thief left Vana Diel, sadly the members of Kontract were slowly fading away also, some left for other Linkshells others, like Kopernikuz left Vana Diel never to return.
Meanwhile Tryptifaeris has taken a break from the chaos that is the Valkurm Dunes and returned to Bastok to begin a career in fishing. After weighing all my choices I decided on fishing because it seems the least expensive to begin. I've also bought 4 brass flowerpots and been planting the seeds I get from my strolling sapling victims.
Ever since I visited San d'Oria I've been itching to visit Windurst, hopefully I'll have a report on my travels to the continent of Mindartia soon.

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