Thursday, August 27, 2015

Street Fighter V R. Mika Reveal Trailer

Here comes a New challenger! R. Mika from Street Fighter Alpha 3 takes the third slot for alpha characters....that last slot better be Karin Kanzuki!!!
I'm not gonna lie and say this casting is awesome, for some people it might be, but I don't see myself taking Mika to the lab for any significant amount of time. I played her a little in SFA3 for the laughs.
Anyway here's Mika....

Kudo's to Capcom Unity member NeoPyroXx for the updated Roster image.

Next character reveal should be aproximately 9/10 at Games 15 in Dubai.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Drew Struzan Poster Analysis

There was an abundance of news yesterday from the D23 expo! From Star Wars Land being built in Disney World and Land, to the cast announcement for Rogue One, to Colin Trevarrow directing Episode IX.
That stuff is very cool and exciting but this poster from Dew Struzan is what really caught my eye!
At first I was quite surprised seeing Fin (John Boyega) holding what might be Anakin's Lightsaber, but lets look beyond that.
How did that monologue go in the first trailer ???
There has been an awakening...
Have you felt it?
The Dark side and the Light...
Now lets look at Struzan's poster, there's the three main characters on the top.... Kylo Ren on the right who represents the Dark side with the cold darkness of space as his backdrop and our boy Fin on the left clearly repping the Light side with the warm light of the Jakku sun behind him and smack dab in the center is Rey....
So is Rey not the hero of the ST? Up until this poster I was under the impression Kylo was the primary antagonist of Episode VII and Kira Rey was the primary I don't know. Does Kira represent both the light and dark sides in perfect balance?
And then we have everyone's favorite scoundrel rocking his trusty blaster under sign of Chewie, No Leia, No sign of Luke or Leia....very odd. No sign of the Falcon.
I gotta say this poster seems lacking.
So based on this poster and recent revelation that Han Solo had a's my crazy ass hypothesis!

Fin is the biological son of Sana and Hann Solo, Hann assumed for whatever reason is family was killed by either the Hutts (debts to the mob...) or the Empire (war).
He meets up with Ben, Luke and Leia and a new life presents itself...
Han and Leia adopt 2 war orphans Kira and Kylo after RotJ and here's how we land at the above poster...
I doubt this will come to fruition but hey how much do we know about Lando...we know Hann knows him, we know Lando is a scoundrel, but we know little to nothing about Lando's family from the films....maybe Lando had a sister...

Monday, August 10, 2015

Humans Season 1 Thoughts and Impressions

So the first season of Humans has just concluded and I for one really enjoyed the story so far!
Looking back some my favorite scenes involved Niska, when she leaves the brothel, her time with Dr. George Milican, her time with Sophie. Through Niska we've been able to witness the most interesting interactions between Humans and Synths, well there were other notable interactions isn't that right Joe?
I also found the scene where Max prays to God especially fascinating! In a society where technology is prevalent religion seems to be less of a priority and seeing a synthetic kneel and pray a very uniquely human thing to do.
Then there's Detective Sergeant Peter Drummond and his peculiar relationship with his "partner" Detective Inspector Karen Voss...awkward! Especially considering how his marriage ended!
Karen is an odd one...much like Leo, existing between the Human and Synth worlds. She see's the most probable conflict that will arise from rise of conscience synthetic's, but do the actions of the Hawkins family represent another possible outcome? Do the Hawkins have the only copy of the code? What's on the hard drive Niska has?
This was a well written and developed show, my wife enjoyed it as well which is a testament to the show's quality!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Street Fighter V New (old) character reveal trailer

Vega's back, Shadaloo's Narcissistic Spanish Ninja Returns and he looks just as fabulous as ever! I don't think Balrog will be in SFV initially but Sagat might. So we have 2 Shadaloo bosses and a lot hints at the Illuminati presence.