Thursday, July 20, 2006

Staff Sergeant Tryptifaeris

I reached lvl 28 fishing, and traded in the apropriate fish to pass the lvl cap test. I am now a novice rank fisherman and have begun collecting guild points towards RA/EX fishing items like the apron, secret maps showing the best fishing spots around Vana Diel ect.
I also reached lvl 50 SMN and am about 1500 away from 51. In preparation I have begun purchasing elemental staves with the gill I've earned fishing up hundreds of nebimonites. So far I have the Dark, Light and Ice staves, with the matching avatar these staves not only increase the avatars power but they have the inate ability to increase the avatar perpetuation.
I also dropped the 300K gil for the WHM scroll of Erase, and will be buying the tele Zvahl scroll soon as my Nebimonites sell.

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