Friday, February 22, 2013

FFXIV Eorzea Exploration trailers

One of my fondest memories in FFXI was hoping on my chocobo and riding across the lands of Vana Diel, it was a gorgeous world and at times terrifying...but most of the time I had my Galkan buddy Krogenar with me. This trailer brings back some of those fun memories, there sure is ALOT to see in these trailers like kupo! a Mog, and some intense party's battling some impressive mobs! I saw lots of Mages dying and some big ass Galkans swinging some even bigger ass swords!
The environments looked phenomenal, but every one reminded me of somewhere in Vana Diel....
At the end of the second trailer they drop the link for registration for the beta at
Hey Krog Limit Break Radio needs a new host!
And to my friends from LOTB Carbuncle > Courier Crab! RRRRAAAWWWRRR!!!

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