Friday, April 15, 2005

Tryp's Tele Taxi

This past weekend Tryptifaeris the Grey reached level 37 as a White Mage! I now have the ability to teleport to the crags of Mea and Holla. After reaching 36 I read my Holla and Mea scrolls that I was able to buy for 130k & 80k gill respectively (thanks to the person who bought my tarut death card for 250k gill ) With those spells learned I headed to the bustling metropolis of Jeuno and began offering teleports to those in need of fast reliable and affordable travel.
My very first "fare" paid me 10,000 gill for a tele from the Valkurm dunes to Holla! The usual rate is 500 gill for Holla, Mea or Dem. So I started my travel agency on the right foot. At level 37 I bought the scroll of Shell 2 and joined a great PT with Vrtra aka Littlekiller in the Crawlers Nest. In order to get the map of the crawlers nest I need to complete the Selbina clay quest I have about 5 more locations to visit.

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