Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Rumor and the Sluice

Continuing where we left off, Tryptifaeris heard a rumor of a vampire hiding in the dungeons below the Chateau d 'Oraguille so being the maveric adventurer I am I immediately head over there to investigate...To the untrained eye San d 'Oria seems like your typical fuedal kingdom but if you look closer you'll see a kingdom being torn in two by the heirs of the kingdom, and an uneasy peace that is on the edge of colapse. Fear and paranoia is all about and any citizen thought to be a traitor to the kingdom can easily find themselves living out the rest of their days in a dank dark cell below the Chateau, but then there are some who choose to hide down there some like Novalmauge, I found him roaming the Bostaunieux Oubliette, when I was close enough to him my expectations of a fearsome beastman lurking in the shadows were shattered, there stood an elvaan man of similar stature to myself his robes were of a similar style to my own and his hood was drawn to hide his face, a few locks of silver hair could be seen from the edges of the hood.
He explained that he had been cursed and required a vile of beastmens blood but wouldn't explain why, he then asked me if I believed the rumors that he was a vampire. Well momma didn't raise no elvaan fool, so of my two choices I choose "Yes I do think you're a vampire". He took my response rather well considering. Lucky for me I just happened to have a vile of beastmen blood in my inventory from a recent kill. I handed it to the mysterious man and was rewarded with a scroll of drain....hmmmmm. With this spell I am able to "suck" the HP from my enemies. I left the dungeons with an uneasy feeling, and I was sure our paths would cross again.
And they did, later that afternoon I got word that Belgidiveau believed the water supply had been poisoned! Kefka.... that was my initial reaction, that somehow Kefka was alive and back to his evil ways. I was told there was a man who could be found down in the dungeons who was a scholar in the art of poisons who might be of assistance. Once again I found myself down in the San d "Orian dungeons alone with the mysterious Novalmauge. He explained that I needed to acquire a rare flower called a Dahlia and then he would be able to create a counteragent to the poison. So I ran to the Auction House and bought one then headed back so Novalmauge could create the counteragent. Once he had finished I rushed across the central square of Northern San d'Oria to Belgidiveau and gave it to him to test the water, but I was told it appeared to be a prank by some local kids thankfully. I recieved a Heavy Ax as a reward for my services and left San d'Oria in search of other's in need of my services.....

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