Thursday, March 15, 2018

SFV Weekly Missions and Extra Battle Mode for 3/15/18 - 3/22/18

It's Thursday March 15th, the 8th week of AE and this weeks missions went live at 11PM!
This weeks missions are

  1. Perform a Counter 10X for 150FM
  2. Get a KO with a Critical Art 10X for 500 FM 
  3. Use the Rival search feature on CFN for 250FM
  4. The Rumored Four Kings Statue for 2,500FM
I'll post a video to help show how to complete the requirements for the mission.

Go to Story Mode, choose Character Story, choose F.A.N.G., choose the 2nd chapter, "defeat" Bison....viola!

After completing the weekly missions, I headed over to the eXtra Battle Mode and this week we have :
Ken's 1st [Q&I] Crossover Costume challenge for 2,500 FM,
Nash's 1st [Q&I] Crossover Costume challenge for 2,500 FM, 
R. Mika's 2nd [Q&I] Crossover Costume challenge for 2,500 FM
Ibuki's 3rd [Q&I] Crossover Costume challenge for 2,500FM, (I flubbed saving the recording...sorry)

Kens XBM fight "Proof of a Hero" for 1,000 FM if you haven't completed it yet.

This weeks missions will net you 3,400 FM, the XBM will cost you 7,500FM - 8,500FM if you do them all, I only did Ibuki's 3rd Q&I, I can't justify 10k on Ken's Rathalos Crossover Costume and 10K on Nash's Capt Commando Crossover Costume as I don't use those two enough. Keep in mind Falke might be releasing later this month and she'll cost us 100,000 FM so if you're on the 100k FM borderline you may need to do some soul searching whether you rather have all the Crossover costumes or a new character in 1 month or less.
Manage your FM wisely and don't give Capcom a reason to start offering FM in the shop for RM! 

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