Friday, March 2, 2018

SFV Weekly Missions and Extra Battle Mode for 3/1/18 - 3/8/18

It's Friday March  2nd, the 6th week of SFV AE and this weeks missions went live at 12AM last night! This weeks missions are:

  1. Perform a throw 10X for 50 FM
  2. Play Training Mode for 250 FM
  3. Win 10 casual matches for 1,500 FM
  4. It's only Missile Disarmament for 2,500 FM
I'll post a video of the requirements for those new to Street Fighter V

Go to Versus Mode, Choose Versus CPU, set the difficulty to 1 (for an easier life), choose Shadaloo Base Stage , set it for best of 5, pick your opponent, and beat your opponent on the right side of the stage, be sure to continually hit the opponent so the green canisters (missiles) launch into the air.
After I completed the weekly Missions I moved on to XBM, and the third [Quick and Immovable] fight for Chun Li is now available from 3/1/18 - 3/8/18, remember the entry fee is 2,500 FM! And the first [Quick and Immovable] for Ibuki is now available from 2/27/18- 3/8/18. The entry fee is 2,500 FM.


This week the XBM fight (Proof of a Hero) is against Ken in his Monster Hunter World Cross Over costume. The entrance fee is 1000 FM and the reward is a BGM track called “Proof of a Hero - 4Version”.
This weeks missions will net you 4,300 FM then subtract 2,500 FM for the Chun Li / June Lin Milliam crossover costume #3 and then another 2,500 FM for the Ibuki Kirin Crossover costume, you'll be at -700 FM. Then subtract another 1,000 FM if you want to face Ken in his Monster Hunter Cross over costume for a new BGM track..... This is another week that will put you in the red for sure!
I’m looking forward to seeing Falke’s gameplay trailer soon!
Happy Fighting and keep track of your FM! 

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