Sunday, November 8, 2015

Movie Review: Kingsmen The Secret Service

Manners Maketh the Man...
Kingsman puts a fresh coat on the classic Secret Agent genre but also acknowledges it's doing it! 
Kingsman was for me the most enjoyable, original movie I saw this year! It had Samuel "MFin" Jackson as a fascinating criminal mastermind slightly reminiscent of his villian in Unbreakable....sadly I found Valentine and his elaborate plan to "save the Erf" more entertaining than Spectre and all the super secret surveillance mumbo jumbo. 
Another aspect I think that made Kingsman standout for me was the lead actor Taron Eggerton (Eggsy), Eggsy is full of potential but life just put too many obstacles in eggsy's path after his father's death and his potential withered away until he was offered a second chance by Galahad (Harry Hart). I love a good underdog/ overcoming the odds story (Naruto) and this is just that!
This is exactly how I imagine a young James Bond would be like growing up while training under MI-6! 
I can also say Valentine's minion, Gazelle was so much cooler than Blofeld's Hinx! 

Kingsman had the style and energy that I just didn't get from Spectre,
Absolutely entertaining and worth the price of admission or purchase!

Oh yeah and then there's this....

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