Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Throughout the MCU we've had our ups and downs with Iron Man (2 for 3), The Avengers (1 for 2), and Thor, but Captain America has been consistently good and from the looks of CA: Civil War Cap's gonna be 3 for 3!
There's alot to catch in this trailer,
General Thunderbolt Ross is back
 @ 00:58 The Sokovia Accords being slid across the board room table to Scarlet Witch I presume
Black Panther Vs Buckey @ 1:53
Rhodey looking pretty dead @ 2:04
And then the epic confrontation between Iron Man, Captain America and Buckey Barnes at the end of the trailer is so hype!
Phase 3 is starting off with a BANG/ KAPOW/ HUZZAH!

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