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Street Fighter Assassin's Fist Making of Video Documentary

Street Fighter is a world re known video game franchise that has spawned 4 proper sequels and many spin off series; SFA1-3, as well as cross over series MVC, CVS, TVC, SFXT.
The characters are instantly recognizable
 as demonstrated by the image on the left...I guarantee most of you reading this will instantly match up the characters.
Over the years Capcom has created a back story for the original 8 World Warriors to varying degrees, the most detailed being the story of  Ryu, Ken, their master Gouken who teaches them the Ansatsuken martial art and the power of Hado, Gouki...Gouken's brother and their master Goutetsu.
If you're a fan of the franchise you have most likely read the multiple manga (Ryu Final being one) and Udon comics which have explored this fascinating multi generational story.

If you're just someone who knows Street Fighter is a video games about people who fight and throw fireballs and that there are two live action movies based on the video game than you have been done a serious disservice!
I've been of the opinion that there is absolutely no point in anime/manga, cartoons/video games to live action. Anime to live action is just stupid....they're of the same medium and there are things that can't be accomplished in live action without a heavy dose of CG....which kinda brings you back to the source material. And we all know how well video games translate to the silver screen....
RIP Raul Julia
The 94 live action Street Fighter movie starring Jean Claude Van Dam was atrocious! It was so bad fans of the game's were mailed refunds....fortunately that same year we got the immensely superior Street Fighter II the animated  movie!
This full length feature film absolutely captured the spirit of the game and was well written well directed and was beautifully illustrated and animated.

The following year we got Street Fighter II V
 an animated TV series that attempted to give a little back story to Ryu and Ken prior to the events of Street Fighter II as they travel around the world to become better fighters after getting their asses handed to them by Guile. The series took some liberties and by the final episode the series had veered so off course I glad it was over. It paled in comparison to the SFII animated movie.

In 1999 the Street Fighter Alpha animated movie came out which  gave us a better look at the Satsui no Hado and we glimpsed the beginnings of the story that would continue to be tweeked thru the years to what we will finally get to see in Street Fighter Assassin's Fist this year!
The alpha movie was enjoyable, it was well animated I liked the character design, and the Chun Li fan service was all over the place! Seeing Ryu confront Akuma was cool. I wasn't crazy about the Dr. Sadler final fight nor the Shun character.

As mentioned the story of the Satsui no Hado  was a work in progress for many years and in 2005 we got the most definitive back story regarding Gouken, Gouki/Akuma, Goutetsu, Ryu, Ken and the power of the Satsui no Hado with Street Fighter Alpha Generations.
Generations shows Gouki prior to him embracing the Satsui no Hado , his confrontation with his master Goutetsu and how he and his brother Gouken choose two very different paths of the Ansatsuken martial art.
Generations also hints at something very interesting regarding one of Gouken's students bloodline...which I hope Joey Ansah and Christian Howard elaborate on, all I will say is Sayaka and Gouki.....

February 17, 2009....ten days after Street Fighter IV launched Hollywood strikes again this time with a focus on my favorite character in the series Chun Li. There was nothing legendary about this movie in fact I would have to say thanks to the cringe inducing scenes with Chris Klein this movie was even worse than the Van Dam least that movie was funny..."For me it was Tuesday".
A million fans cried out in unison and were suddenly silenced....but from the darkness a flicker of hope shined....

In 2010 Joey Ansah and Christian Howard created the fan film Street Fighter Legacy and published it on around the world rejoiced hope was not lost and momentum grew as more and more people saw this short fan made film.

In SDCC 2012 Joey and Christian Announce plans for Street Fighter Assassin's fist has been green lit by Capcom.
In 2013 Joey and Christian announce the project's kick starter drive. Later that year they announce they have reached their goal from and the kick starter campaign is closed.
Throughout 2013 cast announcements on the SFAF YT are posted and the Assassin's Fist FB page gets updated on a nearly weekly basis with set pics.
And today the first trailer for Street Fighter Assassin's Fist hits!!!

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