Monday, July 6, 2009

The Proposal review

Yay another chick flick my wife dragged me to see, thank God for Optimum rewards!

Quick and dirty, Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reyolds) is Margaret Tate's (Sandra Bullock) office bitch at Colden Books Publishing Company. Margret is a soulless overachieving 21st century corporate bitch that no one likes and everyone avoides like the plague.

Andy is a young aspiring writer looking to get his own work published while being Margaret's gofer. Margaret fails to fill out her INS paperwork in time and is told she's being deported to Canada for a year or two.

When her boss asks her what she proposes to to do to stay, the gears start spinning and to Andy's surprise he discovers he's getting married to his pit viper of a boss.

Andy agree's to do this to help Margaret but adds his own proposal (Oh how witty) that he'll only go through with this if he gets his long overdue promotion and she promises to have his work published. They meet up with INS officer Gilbertson who suspects fraud and warns the two of the consequences if they're caught.

So there's the ingredients....lets make some romantic comedy soup! Lets take a trip to Sitka Alaska to visit the Paxton family and wish Grandma Annie (Betty White) a happy 90th. So we have a quarter cup of "Meet the Parents", a dash of "The Devil Wears Prada", chop up the usual romantic comedy ingredients and BAM absolute hilarity and heart warming romance.
Ryan Reynolds did fine in his role, he does very well in the genre since he's been in two guys a girl and a pizza place.
Sandra Bullock is no stranger to the romantic comedy genre either but for some reason I had a difficult time liking her in this movie, she really is hard to believe as a corporate bitch, but once she sheds that skin and becomes human she instantly becomes more believable and likeable. Regrettibly by the time Sandra's character warms up it's too late in the movie and the romance angle is nigh impossible to believe. There are a handfull of characters that have zero depth and feel like nothing more than plot devices to bring Andy and Margret together, like Gertrude (Malin Akerman), Andy's ex girlfriend or Andy's father Joe (Craig T. Nelson).
The most likeable character for me was Grannie Annie (Betty White), seeing her dancing around a campfire chanting Indian songs was priceless, she came across as the most genuine character in the film wether the character was hitting close to home or she was just the best actor in the film is debatable...
The ending was terrible, straight out of the romantic comedy creator template, one character runs away and the other chases after once they realize they luvz the other....LAME! The cut scenes during the credits were more entertaining!
This movie is not original it's a rental at best, better yet dust off your copy of Meet The Parents....that's funnier, save your money.

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