Monday, November 26, 2018

Wreck it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Interwebs My thoughts and Impressions

I took my kids to see Wreck it Ralph 2 Sunday.

My son liked the original more and I agree but for different reasons.

So in the first movie Ralph is tired of his predetermined lot in life to be a villain and literally abandons his game to better his be a hero! He's driven, he's motivated! In the sequel Ralph is perfectly content with his life Go to Work hang out with Vanellope at Tappers, watch the sun rise....rinse- repeat. He's a bum so to speak. As long as his bestie (Vanellope) is there with him everything is irie...

The macguffin in this movie is the steering wheel for the Sugar Rush game which gets broken as a player wrestles against Vanellope as she drives on the "new" track Ralph makes for her. This scene is clearly there to demonstrate that Vanellope longs for something more in her life similar to Ralph in the first movie and the Polar opposite of Ralph in this movie.  Good guy Ralph figures out how to save Vanellope and all the citizens of Sugar Rush that are now game going to the interwebz!

So Ralph has a solid plan but once they arrive Ralph becomes a complete imbecile and Vanellope just gets Ralph being the older character is a metaphor for the older folks IRL and Vanellope is a millennial.....GTFOH!

When I saw the trailer with Vanellope and the Disney princesses I thought it was cute and entertaining then the next trailer that showcased her in the Disney realm of the web was crazy and cool but when I left the theater in retrospect it came across as self perpetuating drivel. 
Psst if you've seen the trailers you've seen the best parts of WiR2.
I also noticed a new trend within the disney animated movies, they literally call themselves out for laugh's! The first time I saw it was in Frozen when Elsa calls out Anna for falling in love with a guy she met only hours earlier. It's in WiR2 even more in your face when Vanellope meets the Disney Princesses. So this movie is self deprecating and self perpetuating at the same time. That's bizarre!
I'm not gonna nitpick the entire movie, there are aspects I liked but I found Ralph's character development frustrating and too close to real life issues.
Long story short, for me this movie turned out to be a message from Disney to Star Wars fans....
Ralph = Star Wars Fans
Vanellope = OT
And Ralph's speech to the Giant Ralph virus is Disney telling the fans ya gotta let go of the past and embrace change no matter how painful it is.
But that's what I saw in this movie, my son told me he didn't like it as much as the first because it was sad and he didn't leave the theater feeling as hopeful as he did from the original......
Welcome to my world buddy! Now you know how my generation feels about Disney's Star Wars!
WTF is going on Disney!?! Your movies are supposed to bring smiles to peoples faces!
Time to crack the ice and reanimate Walt!
ps: where is world star hip hop in WiR's internet?

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