Wednesday, June 10, 2015

E3 Mirrors Edge Catlyst

So I got an email yesterday from Sara Jannson, the Senior Producer of Mirrors Edge Catalyst at DICE regarding the new game. Based on the email I have a feeling ME:C will have the basic DNA as the original ME but it will differ much like last gen's SSX did from it's predecessors.
Things like, "the first game had a lot of promise", "it could be more" "introduce to a new generation",  "we've landed on a vision",   "new, interesting gameplay and features".
She drives home the fact that this isn't a sequel, it's not ME2, but could it be a prequel the word catalyst kinda implies it....could we be looking at the impetus that made Faith a runner?
I guess we'll get a better idea 4PM EST Monday June 15th at EA's presser.

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