Sunday, June 15, 2014

Movie Review: Edge of Tommorrow

Based on the manga All You Need is Kill EoT stars Tom Cruise as Major William Cage aka Keiji Kiriya and Emily Blunt as Rita Vrataski (Full Metal Bitch).
The movie follows the basic premise of the manga but definitely deviates heavily in certain area's....especially the ending!
The editing was well done, it clearly explains the looping without alot of exposition and adds some levity to an other wise nightmarish situation that is meant to emulate D-Day and the Normandy Landings.
The idea of Live, Die, Repeat is all to familiar to any gamer and watching Cruise map out step by step the way off the beach reminded me of the good ol days when the only save point was at the END of the level....ah Mega Man....good times, good times.
The mimics were a bit tricky to make out due in part to their speed but also because of the frenetic pace of the action in the battle scenes. They did remind me quite a bit of the squidies from the matrix trilogy.
EoT was entertaining and Cruise did his thing, he seems to have found his niche with these action/sci fi lite movies. I think if they had cast an unknown actor that resembled the main protagonist from the manga it would've been just as good. Emily Blunt, lets just say if they ever make a live action Appleseed movie she is the perfect choice to play Deunan Knute!
I loved watching Bill Paxton, he was totally channeling Private Hudson....had he survived LV 426.
If you get the opportunity read the manga....

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