Sunday, June 12, 2011

SSX @ E3 2011 w/ Todd Batty

The first game I had for PS2 was SSX....that game really flew under the game mags radars at first...I loved it! I skipped Tricky,  but when SSX3 came out I had it on day one! I still play it from time to time....the game is amazing from the music to the visuals to the was and IMO still is the best snowboarding game ever made! I'm a bit apprehensive about a few things with this new SSX title,
1. Why segregate the different game types? Ride it, trick it, survive it. OK tag line but SSX3 had all that incorporated in the game! Todd Baty talks about "reimagining the franchise" the franchise doesn't NEED to be reimagined, just expand on SSX3 with 1080P graphics!
2. The control scheme Tod Baty mentions in the E3 vids sounds very limiting compared to the SSX3 control scheme....Custom ubers??? I don't see how with this new control scheme.
3. Shockwave destroys the flow....GTFO
4. I want DJ atomica back! And have a different DJ for each mountain, kinda like GTA radio stations...choose your favorite music genre and DJ to ride to.
5 I hate the camera angle shown for Survive It runs. Just incorporate the physics engine/environmental dangers Batty is hyping thru out the games mountains ISO making it a separate gametype.
6. I understand it's a pre alpha buid but the tricks demonstrated in the interviews looked so generic....custom tricks need to be in SSX
7. I'm called Batty's bluff on "total open world" riding....that's some serious Bravo Sierra!
8. Where's my Uber Meter? Get rid of the HUD stuff
9. Grinding looked "off"
10. Can we please just call this game SSX4?

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