Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Treasures of Aht Urhgan

Once Aht Urghan was completely loaded about 8 hours for me on the PS2 I set forth in acquiring my ferrry permit. The NPC's name was Faursel and he was hanging out in the Tenshodo Hdq. After seeing the unseen he told me there were 4 ways to get the permit:1 pay 500,000 gil2 the easy way by getting a damselfly worm, a magiked skull, a crab apron, a wild rabbit tail, a cup of Dhamel Saliva and abloody robe3 Intermediate way by getting a jade cryptex, a silver engraving and a 13 knot quipus.4 or the expert way by getting 1 coffer key or 1 carminechip 1 cyan chip and 1 gray chipLuckily I had a coffer key collecting dust in my storage in my Mog House. So I traded the coffer key to Faursel and waited 1 VD day for it to be "processed". The next day I got my permit and rushed to Mhaura where the ferry would transport the new adventures to the land of Aht Urghan....
The Ferry to Al Zahbi was packed to the gills!

As we headed east the ocean breeze invited adventurers to the deck, the sun was bright and we all were excited to reach this new land.

The journey wasn't too perilous, many of us decided to cast ours lines and see what new fish were ready to be caught. One Taru caught an Orobon and began to fight it on deck. It was a nasty bugger and I got whacked pretty hard by it's AoE attack for 700 dmg!

Later during our trip we were greeted by an ocean Kraken, a BST quickly charmed it and ran around Lido deck showing off his new pet.

We finally arrived at the port of Whitegate in the empire of Aht Urghan.
After going thru Aht Urhgan customs I listened to all the shouting to find the NPC map seller and then headed off to explore Al Zahbi. As I walked around I stumbled upon Naja Salaheems office, she handed me a letter and told me to bring it to an outpost...this is the first mission in the Aht Urghan expansion.

But I was looking for someone else, an NPC by the name of Waoud. Through his divinations I would be shown the path to becoming a Blue Mage.

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