Friday, April 28, 2006

Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder

After gearing up I heaed home to Bastok to begin my trials as a BLU, it was there that I ran into the reincarnation of an old friend...

Kopernikuz! But now he was a Galka < /sigh > by the name Grymme

For the next few weeks Tryp would be doing alot of traveling, trying to learn new spells from mobs all over! From Sarbubataru to North Gustaberg. Some spells have been easier than others to learn, for instance the lvl 1 spell sandspin which is learned from any worm type has taken me far longer than it should have, I just acquired it at lvl 12. Last night I traveled to Giddeus to fight Yagudo and learn the ability Feather Storm, that took less than 10 birdmen.I'm now headed back home to Bastok and will be tracking Quadov down it the search for the beastmen ability Headbutt. Then off to the Ghelsba Outpost to slaughter Orcs and learn Battle Dance.

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