Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Star Wars Rebels S4 E1 & E2 Heroes of Mandalore

Season 4 kicked off here in the States yesterday, I enjoyed it. Gonna try and stay as spoiler free as possible....
I found Ezra’s antics just slightly less annoying than Jar Jar.
The sexual tension between Kanan and Hera is over 9000!!!
Gar Saxon’s brother said Palpatine....I don’t think the Emperors name has been mentioned in this series yet, they’ve said “the Emperor” but not Palpatine.
Nice to see Thrawn is still very much a part of the battle with the Rebels.
So what is Vader been up to since his battle against Ashoka???
The Dutchess totally reminded me of a Zentradi battle pod!
Can you imagine if the Empire had macronized Sabines weapon for the Death Star!?! So much for a trench run...
The highlight for me was seeing the return of Bo Katan! Kudo’s To the voice actor, she nailed Bo Katans somber attitude! And I love that she has accepted the Dark Sabre!!!
Dear Dave and Pablo more Bo Katan Please!

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