Thursday, February 9, 2017

Street Fighter V Season 2 Second DLC Character Reveal Trailer: Kolin

Capcom just released the Season 2 Second DLC Character Reveal Trailer for.....Kolin.
I like the Lupe Fiasco song they have with the trailer, someone needs to remix Kolin's trailer with Vanilla Ice's song....yeah he only had one.
Anyway it seems as if Kolin has lost her baby face from the season 1 cinematic story, but thankfully they didn't ruin her face, in fact the more mature face is more suited for her.
So Kolin's martial arts style is systema with the element of ice. I hope Kolin get her own stage like what her trailer opens with.I'm not sure if this is a case of good video editing or not but at mark 1:03 it looks like Kolin might have a variant of Cammy's Ultra II CQC from Street Fighter IV.
Kolin V trigger, "Diamond Dust" is intriguing in that it also freezes the stun gauge and if you do stun the character with it the opponent get frozen in place on the ground!
Kolin will be available February 28th along with her Story/Battle/ Nostalgia costumes.
I guess the Underground Arena will be Kolin's official Stage so does that male Ring of Destiny Geif and Mika's stage?

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