Monday, July 18, 2016

EVO 2016 Finals on ESPN Esports is real folks

I've been playing Street Fighter longer than some of the players at EVO have been alive, and seeing this franchise evolve from it's humble inception with the original Street Fighter (yes I played SF in the arcades....Adventures in Cross County Shopping Center in Yonkers) in 1987 to becoming a World Wide phenomenon that single handedly ushered in the the Fighting Game Genre in 1991 with Street Fighter II and staved off the death of Arcades in America, to the inception of EVO (B3) in 1996 to the EVO Finals being broadcast on ESPN2 this year! This is very exciting to me since I've been with this franchise since day 1!
I actually got my wife and son to watch the Finals with me and I was worried it would seem amateurish to those who don't know anything about Esports or Fighting Games but I have to congratulate Ryan Gutierrez, Mike Ross and Seth Killian for doing an outstanding job hosting the Finals! And Congrats to Infiltration, Fuudo, Yukadon, GO-1, LI Joe, MOV, Nemo and Eita!


The Highlight for me was LI Joe, even my wife was hyped during these matches!

This one was a nail biter!

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