Tuesday, June 11, 2013

E3 Microsoft XBox One & Sony PlayStation Conference....the ecosystem...the games...the network....the price!

So yesterday Microsoft and Sony had their E3 pressers, I watched the Microsoft conference just to see how they would recover from their Xbox One reveal event which sent the interwebs into a frenzy with the DRM and always on info.

They started with Hideo Kojima presenting MGS V: The Phantom Pain for XBoxOne....I think we all know MGS V TPP will sell better on the PS3/4...a noble effort to woo the Japanese gamers, by in my opinion pointless.

They did however focus on games....good move Microsoft:


Quantum Break,


Killer Instinct,

Forza Motorsport 5,

Project Spark,

Titan Fall,

Crimson Dragon,

MS did clarify the DRM/always on fiasco....although a bit clearer I still don't like the policy at all. I trade games with my friends and if the game is good enough....RDR for example I'll buy it. Microsoft revealed the MSRP for the XBoxOne will be $499.99

.....the silence was deafening, ouch! Brings back memories of Sony's 2006 E3 presser with Kaz revealing the PS3 MSRP...

At the end of the day Sony had their E3 presser, there were still a few lingering questions in my mind. The two most critical for me were how much will the console cost and will the PSN service still offer online gaming for free....oh and would Sony have some sort of DRM policy like Microsoft?
After the traditional game montage Sony kicked things off with a little news on the Vita front...news titles and cross play with the PS4, then we moved straight into the current with the PS3 and showed the strong line up that's still to come begining with GoTY contender The last of Us, then we got some new vids for

Beyond Two Souls

Gran Turismo 6

Batman Arkham Origins

Sony also mentioned a GT5 GTAV/PS3 bundle, after that we segwayed into the PS4 and a "World without bounds". I got a bit nervous at this point....if they are saying a world without bounds they better not have any stupid restrictions on sharing/trading games! Then they revealed the PS4! O.O the moment we've all been waiting 4....see what I did there?
Annd meh...it's not that sexy, in fact it looks ALOT like a PS2!

There was a noticeable silence and my first reaction was not like OMFG it's gorgeous! The first thought in my head was this is what I waited 4 months for!?
So Sony briskly moved on to the new additions to the PSN, Red Box Instant and Flixter...mmmmkaaay.....
then they brought out the CEO of Sony pictures....this guy was obviously out of his element and it showed! He talked about how Sony pictures is commited to bringing the best movies to the PSN....for the gamers....ok ok I get it! It's all about the gamers, please the horse is dead, stop beating it!
I was getting a little nervous....we haven't heard the MSRP yet, no word on sharing games, nadda on the PSN of tomorrow...
Then Shuhei comes on stage and gets the wheels rolling again talking about a bunch of new IP's (intellectual properties) like

The Order 1886

Then we got some new trailers for previously confirmed PS4 launch titles, unfortunately InFamous Second Son is slated for Q1 2014 :(

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Drive Club

InFamous Second Son

 After the Infamous Second Son trailer Sony had regained their momentum and Shuhei started talking how the Power of the PS4 will take story telling to the next level with advanced facial mapping setting new levels of emotional expression and who better to demonstrate this than.....da da daaaaa The Dark Sorcerer!

That had me laughing!
With all the hater aid that recently came from a bunch of indie devs regarding their relationship with Microsoft, Sony has opened the gates to work on indie games for the PS4, they showed at least 6 on stage including Don't Starve, Transistor, Secret Ponchos and many more!
Then Sony "released the Kraken!!!!" and announced via video conference that Final Fantasy Vs XIII was ALIVE!!! Millions of Final Fantasy Fans rejoiced!
Final Fantasy Vs XIII now Final Fantasy XV


Kingdom Hearts III

Oh yeah and for those who still have a shred of faith left, FFXIV will be exclusive to PS3/4

With the Kracken released Sony showed no mercy as they unveiled their used game policy....you hear the applause??? The media is chanting Sony Sony Sony...

And then Sony detailed the updated PSN + program....it's interesting to note how they breezed right through the fact that online multiplayer now requires a PSN+ subscription...no matter, from what I've from many peeps on my PSN friends list the service is worth more than gold ;)

And here is Sony's KO punch to the competition!
$399 dollars for PS4 or $499  for XBox One the choice is your's. Persoally I think this console war is over...
I'll be a 4th generation Sony gamer.

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