Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Video game commercials Then and Now

  I did this back in 2008, A look at  video game console commercials then and now and after seeing some recent game trailers I've been inspired to revisit this topic!
Lets begin with the 1980 commercial for Atari's Dig Dug, Ahhh nostalgia....always best viewed with rose tinted glasses!

And this gem for Pole Position! My first racing game I owned....I wonder if I saw this commercial and said I gotta own this game! Doubt it.

And this commercial for the original Legend of Zelda on the NES...looks more like a PSX U R not E commercial.

 Moving to the next generation... Super Mario World for the SNES, at this point the VG industry is firmly planted as a legitimate form of entertainment and not some 80's fad that was going to pass, so the commercials had to improve..


Interestingly game commercials overseas definitely took a more mature approach and didn't categorize video games in the same genre as's a perfect example! The first commercial is for Street Fighter II for the Sega Genesis in the US the second commercial is for Street Fighter II in Asia.....see what I mean?

 And here's one from the book of irony!The Atari Jaguar Video Game Marketing 101 commercial...I guess Atari played hookey that day because the Jaguar has a very short painful life :/


Lets fast forward twenty one (21) years...two freakin' decades and check out how far we've come! Video Games now have trailers....commercials are for toys!



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