Monday, January 10, 2011

EGM SSX DD Cover story

I still remember the first time I played the original SSX when the PS2 launched...the game kinda flew under the radar but it was incredible, the graphics, the sound track, the game was gorgeous and it handled just as well.
And SSX3 was and is the best snowboarding game to date imo. So after reading the EGM cover story I'm a little disappointed and a little optimistic at the same time. SSX is like the X games VS The Olympics, SSX was never about realism is was always about over (way over) the top racing while performing insane (unreal) tricks in various locations, terrains, and weather conditions using larger than life characters. And the tracks that DJ Atomika spun on SSX radio reflected this uber stylized game short it was pure fun to the XTREEME.
The one thing I learned in my time in retail is never come into a new job and try and reinvent the wheel. The article leaves the impression that these guys are gonna make the SSX franchise better by making it more accessible to the masses, and I'm sorry but making it more realistic with a hint of CoD action is not the answer. From the sound of it they're forgetting the fun factor, but there was some things in the story that piqued my interest....the Mountain Man program and the Google Earth Interface. If SSXDD allows us to free ride a digital representation of real mountains that would be pretty cool...I'd still miss doing ???? over apartment buildings in Merqury City or grinding the edge of an icy precipice on the throne as a plane crashes through the trees. And for the love of all things bring back DJ Atomika, Nate, Alegra, Mac, Zoe, and the rest of the SSX originals!

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