Tuesday, August 4, 2009

FFXIV update

According to the article, there are four categories of jobs right now Fighter, Sorcerer, Crafter and Gatherer.
Two jobs have been unveiled for each.
Fighter: Swordsman, Archer
Sorcerer: Enchanter, Warlock
Crafter: Blacksmith, Cook
Gatherer: Gardener, Fisherman
Hyuran (hume)The Hyuran are said to be the most prolific race of all Eorzea. The article mentions that they migrated to Eorzea in large number from neighboring islands and continents. They brought with them great technology and innovation that raised the civilization of Eorzea to new heights. Having immigrated from a variety of lands there is great diversity to be found amongst the Hyuran in terms of language and culture. The two main classifications of Hyuran are "Midlanders" who migrated to lower areas of Eorzea, and the "Highlanders" who migrated into the hills and mountains.
Elzen (Elvaan) The Elzen are the anscestral race of Eorzea, and have clashed with the Hyuran in the past to defend their homeland.
Lalafell (taru) They are a race of farmers who live mainly near the Southern Sea. They also boast an exceptional degree of intelligence.
Roegadyn (galka) The Roegadyn are a muscular race of fishermen that live near the Northern Sea. It appears that some work as hired mercenaries or bodyguards, but others lead a less noble life as pirates.
Miqo'te (Mithra) Miqo'te are cat-like people who are again known as fierce hunters. They are mainly separated into "Sunseekers" and "Moonkeepers," the latter of which are nocturnal. Together, the Miqo'te are a minority race in the land of Eorzea.
Other Noteworthy info from the article:
* The difference in ability between races is said to be less severe than that of Final Fantasy XI
* Battles progress in real-time, but are not action-oriented, i.e. There is more to consider during battle that simply targeting the enemy and wailing away on it
* The Armory System allows for job changing anywhere, so inventory space is of great importance. Therefore, ways to change armor quickly and easily are being considered
* Currently investigating whether to allow all skills to be mastered, or have a see-saw style system like crafting in Final Fantasy XI
* "Guild Leave" will be a system of quests that include monster hunting, skilling up and a myriad of other activities. Players will obtain items to allow them to travel instantly to their required destination. There seems to be a lot about this system in the article as well, but we'll save that until it's fully visible.
* There will be weather effects and night/day transitions. One game day is one Earth hour.
* Final Fantasy XIV will be casual enough that even playing one hour a day is sufficient to enjoy the game.
* The game currency will be gil
Regions of Eorza
Uldaha: the desert,
Gridania:the forest
Rimsa-Rominsa:the seaside.
FFXIV Game system:
Armory System depending on a character's equipment dictates play style. Changing equipment is executed in real time. For example, if you're invited to join a team of warriors to fight the enemies, you only need to wear the corresponding equipment to be ready. Once the party disbanded, you only need to change equipment to come back as a crafter, fisherman, etc.This freedom will make the solo play easier since a warrior who wants to be cured can change into a healer himself. It's crucial to maintain a good balance of equipment to "level up" easier and be less reliant on other party members.
Guilds delivers licences/permits to players.
Permits match with the missions the character needs to fulfill.
The players will be able to share these permits and even decide on the number of persons who can participate in the mission.
Missions/ quests will be irrevelant to the level of each players but some permits can't be obtained before a definite level.
Missions/Quests can take up to or more than 30min to be fulfilled.
Players can carry several permits at the same time.
Missions will have different and various goals: monster hunting, enemies' raid, skill ups... These operations are called "etherites" and will allow you to be instantly teleported to the specified area.

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