Thursday, February 12, 2009

Memorable Black Characters in Video Games

One of the most prolific characters in the Twisted Metal franchise, Axel, is literally a human axel between two enormous wheels! Axel is introduced in Twisted Metal 2, considered by fans of the series to be the best. TM2 takes place a year after the first TM contest from the first game, the host, Calypso makes the world his playground as road warriors from around the world compete to have one wish granted...anything he or she desires. But as you learn that is a double edged blade.
In TM2 Axel's story is that his father imprisoned him in the device and if he wins he wants the strength to face his father. By TM4 the series had trully fallen apart by the hands of 989 studious who took over after Single Trac, but Axel had become a boss character by this time... fate is cruel Axel.
When the PS2 launched Incog Inc. formerly Single Trac took the franchise back, overhauled it and gave it a fresh coat of paint. TMB was a far darker game from TM2 and was also a far superior game than either TMIII or TM4, Axel returns and in TMB his back story has him blaming himself for his wife's death, he drives a 2-wheeled torture device as punishment. He agrees to enter Calypso's contest to find her murderer.

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