Friday, December 30, 2005

X marks the spot for Tresures: 360 degrees of Vana Diel

With the end of the Starlight Celebration what can the adventurers of Vana Diel look forward to in the new year?

For starters we'll be welcoming a host of new adventurers from the X360 console. This is the first time ever in the history of gaming that players from 3 different consoles will be playing together on the same game, online! That's correct PC, PS2 and Xbox360 players will all get to experience the wonders of FFXI online together.

Also the world of Vana Diel is about to grow again with the expansion pack The Treasures of Aht Urgan adventurers will get to uncover new lands, new monsters, new allies, and new jobs such as the mysterious Blue Mage (BLU). So with all this what has Tryptifaeris been up to? Well seeing as Krog is nearing level 70 with his Beastmaster (BST), I decided to go back to basics instead and work on some of my low level jobs such as warrior (WAR).
Krog joined me with his level 13 WAR the other day and we threw together a rag tag PT in Valkrum Dunes with a couple new adventurers, man were those guys green! "what's a DD?" "Where's the ferry go?" It was a nice change of pace using a melee character. I reached level 13 yesterday in Konschat Highlands hunting Sheep and Lizzies then ran all the way from Selbina back to Bastok to upgrade my equipment.

Bastokan Cap....10,000 gil

Bastokan Harness....15,000 gil

Republic Mittens....60,000 gil

Warriors Belt....4,000 gil

Brass Subligar....4,000 gil

Bastokan Leggings....10,000 gill

Being secure in your masculinity to wear this outfit...PRICELESS

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