Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Walking Dead S6E1

Leave it to Rick Grimes to make a post apocalyptic parade of the dead! And Daryl Dixon is the Grand Marshal!
It was good to see Morgan again, I'm curious how he over came his bout with insanity? Whatever he's been thru it has obviously brought him to a different point than Rick! Morgan seems keenly aware of people and their true's weird, best way to describe it would be he seems in tune with the force....
Ok so let's get to the core of the episode Rick and Morgan discover a massive amount (1000ish) of walkers trapped in a rock quarry that's been blocked off at both side by tractor trailers, the one on the far side is about to fall into the quarry due to weather erosion. 
To solve the threat Rick decides the best course of action is to herd them away from Alexandria! 
In order for this plan to work Rick asks for volunteers from Alexandria, the same folks he went bat shit crazy on a day or two ago to build a make shift path made of cars and walls to herd the massive amount of walkers away from Alexandria....but they gotta actually pass Alexandria in order to do this...basically using the Merle Method.
Great Idea right!?
This has to be the most assanine plan I've seen in this show so far! 
Glen even mentions that if you can create a funnel and manage how many come out of a warehouse at one time they're easily dispatched....
Picture your self with a bowl of Captain Crunch and each piece is a walker and they're all moshing in this rock quarry moaning and groaning attracting other walkers into this bowl...what would you do???
Me...I'd try and set those mutha fuckas on fire! Petrol shower and moltov cocktails, they were so crowded in the quarry they'd set themselves on fire! And then leave the few that weren't Anakin'd to attract more!
But what about the other side where the truck crashed off the ledge???
Well instead of wasting all the manpower building a race track for walkers I'd ask Mogan to make a new blockade using that large crop chopper thing parked on top of that one Walker and call it a day! 
Aside from the obvious risks involved in Ricks plan you're leaving Alexandria fairly unprotected from what ever else is out there....and if unfriendly's didn't know about Alexandria before they certainly do now with them shooting off flares like its the 4th of July!!!!
Then again my plan would've worked better and the there would be nothing to do in season 6 but sit around the greatest campfire ever and sing cumbiah my lord.....
Oh yeah...anyone see Carl?