Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Street Fighter V Here Comes a New Old Challenger! Dhalsim

Well so much for waiting for the Indian Gaming Expo, Ono just revealed the 8th classic character at the Paris Game Show!
Check out Sim's slippery new style! Looks like he's learned a thing or two from Oro....or maybe vice versa.
So Sim's rocking a beard now in his primary outfit....ok.
Maybe it's just me but the beard makes Dhalsim look like your typical Fox News terrorist! Dhalsima Bin Laden anyone?

Updated core roster courtesy of NeoPyroXx of Capcom Unity

And below are the six 2016 DLC characters...I'm fairly certain I know their identities and I know which one I'll be purchasing first with my fight money! CoughGuileCough

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