Thursday, October 15, 2015

iZombie S2E2 Zombie Bro

In this episode Liv and Clive investigate the murder of a young man in a fraternity, this was a very funny episode watching Rose McIver (Liv) do her best impression of a 20 something college fraternity dude.
Evening funnier was Ravi and Major high on Utopium in a club.
Aside from the comedy it is sad to see the direction Major is headed this season, his resentment towards Liv and his struggle with his conscience over killing "people".
There is a scene towards the end that was bittersweet between Liv and Major that leaves a glimmer of hope for the two.
Then there was the other half of the show which revolved around Blaine and his rivalry with Stacey Boss the head honcho of organized crime in Seattle, Blaine uses his influence over a undead DA to head up a task force to go after Boss. But even the need for brains isn't enough to convince the DA to go after Boss...
So Blaine turns to his father who also happens to be undead for money, but Blaine reveals he is there for more than just money....