Monday, July 20, 2015

Street Fighter V New Character Reveal Necalli

Last night during the USFIV Evo finals the newest character for Street Fighter V was revealed!
Enter Necalli (Aztec for Battle) :

First off I love Necalli's design! The tatoo's, his boots, the tattered garb totally add to his character. His brutal game play reminds me of SFIV's Evil Ryu, and when his V trigger is active his hair reminds me of Gill!
We still don't know if Street Fighter V will take place before or after Street Fighter III chronologically but I have a theory that it is before. So a few weeks back there was some discussion floating around on certain FGC sites regarding a brand new character, Eisbahn, that utilized ice elemental attacks, Last night Necalli is revealed and clearly has an affinity to fire.
My current theory is that if we do get a character with an affinity to ice these two characters are the precursors to Gill. Their DNA may be used to create Gill by the Illuminati!

Check out the amazing images of the Newest Fighter to the Street Fighter franchise below!

UPDATE: An eagle eyed member of Capcom Unity, Ultimate Boss,  spotted something fascinating in Necalli's trailer at the 00:35 mark...

On the right side of the stage there's an entrance to a room inside the mountain! See the cracked rectangular block under the statue???

And as previously mentioned where have we seen those statues before???

Gill's SFIII Second Impact stage!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

EVO 2015 Capcom Street Fighter V Panel

Check out the Street Fighter V panel at EVO 2015.
The direction Capcom is going with SFV is interesting to say the least!

  • 1 physical copy of Street Fighter V will ever be made
  • Additional characters will be added post launch on a regular basis
  • additional in game content (characters, outfits etc) avail via in game money (Zenny) or real life currency.
  • possibility of betting earned Zenny in matches
  • Street Fighter V is being planned as a generational title (10+ yrs)
  • Online integration of the Capcom Cup 
  • Strong Focus on character balance and functionality
  • Re iteration of learning how to play the game by playing the opponent with skill versus manipulating in game mechanics
  • Strong Focus on making the game fun and accessible for new players and deep enough for vets of the FGC. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Movie Review: Minions

Someone I work with gave me two movie passes for Furious 7 or any Universal movie....(reading is fundamental you miserable bitch at soundview theaters!)
So I took my son to see Minions, We had a great time!
There were actually some adults without kids and they were laughing as hard if not more so than the kids.
My son had a great time and I did as well.
If laughter is the best medicine, minions can cure the common cold!
If you haven't seen DM1 & 2 not to worry, and If you haven't seen DM1&2 before you'll probably want to now...They're very funny also!
All hail King Bob!


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Street Fighter V: Ken Masters reveal trailer

LMAO and people believed Ken wasn't in the game!!! There aren't many certainties in life...Death, taxes are two and Ken and Ryu being in a Numbered Street Fighter game is another!
After watching the trailer Ken finally has cut the cord....he is 100% free from being a Shoto clone. My friend CJ and I had countless matches back in the early nineties with Ryu and Ken and he always taunted me saying Ryu had no mojo he was the most charismatic world warrior...33 years later Capcom has finally made Ken so much more appealing visually to play!

And who is the freak with the yellow eyes! Are those dreads?

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Street Fighter V new stages revealed

Today Capcom posted further details regarding the Street Fighter V beta which begins July 25th and concludes July 30th.
Aside from the plans to release Cammy and Birdie 2 days in they also revealed a new stage, Forgotten Waterfall!

The stage is located in New Zealand ( the shire) and is the same location where Nash takes a swan dive at the end of SFA3.....
So I'm assuming this will be Nash's stage, I wonder who he'll be sharing it with?
So are there any clues in these pics? Perhaps, if memory serves me correctly didn't Gill fancy himself a type of Shepard leading a chosen few ( his flock) to a "promised land"?

And here is the SFV Brazil Stage!
The three "clues" I can spot here are the mountain top in the center has a golden trophy with a ball...maybe a soccer ball or maybe a basketball coughseancough, then all those watermelons....could be a clue for Sean or Blanka , the third possible clue is Ryu is looking up, at what or who? He could be looking up at Oro sleeping in his burlap sack..... 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Humans S1 E 02

Last nights episode was full of suspense as Anita clearly lied to Laura about taking Sophie out during the night....but how does Anita not realize she's lying? Also is Anita purposely messing with Laura? There's definitely more to Anita than meets the eye!
Then we have Leo and Max on the run, trying to reunite with the other Synths we saw him with in last weeks episode, desperate times call for desperate measures and Leo decides to go to a shady "after market" dealer and things go south as Leo gets beat with in an inch of his life and MAx has to drag his critical condition human bro around as they evade their pursuers. And then there's that scene in the public bathroom....did max just make a DIY defibrillator???
The highlight for me was the scene with Niska and the sicko client, the scene totally reminded me of the scene in Blade Runner with Zhora. But Deckard wasn't there to put her down.
I get the impression the group of synths are gonna reunite and the show is gonna mimic TWD as the group travels around looking for sanctuary while avoiding walkers humans.
If you've failed to set your DVR's to stun record, fear not you can catch the first two episodes HERE.
And enjoy a preview of next Sunday's episode!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Humans S1 E01 My Impressions

In the future Men are still helpless dolts that can't handle a house with three children, and women still feel threatened by their younger (newer) counterparts...there are still hopeless romantics that believe in true love and perverts that will have no qualms screwing a synthetic humanoid blonde doggy style.
So the first episode did a fantastic job of laying the groundwork, I really appreciated the subtlety this show demonstrated compared to ohh I dunno.......Fox's Almost Human.
I've been married 11 years and I have a son and have 2 jobs, I can cook, I know how to operate a vacuum and know how to sort  clothes to clean and know how to fold.... personally I think the clueless/ helpless man stereotype is hilarious!
I do know without a shadow of a doubt my wife would absolutely react the exact same way as Laura Hawkins.
Gemma Chan (Mia/Anita) did wonderful job as a synth....towards the end of the episode I honestly felt very uneasy after the revelation was made.
William Hurt was also very good as a widower who refuses to upgrade to a newer model Synth for personal reasons, I found it funny when the social worker comes by for a visit with the latest model saying he will be forced to upgrade his synth because they no longer "support such an outdated model.....reminds me of my I phone 3GS!
This isn't a new story, it's been told many times, The Second Renaissance in the Animatrix  was in my opinion the most similar to this show as far as I can tell from one episode.
I enjoyed Human's first episode and look forward seeing where the show goes from here? Will we see a Synth revolution or will the show explore the questions can a synth gain emotions via unique memories, can a synth prove it is self aware, and if it can be proven they are self aware would synths automatically gain "human rights", how would synths view religion, would a self aware synth invalidate the soul?
There is alot of fascinating/ terrifying theories that this show can explore, this show is in a way reminiscent to Gattica, they are both science fiction that is on the cusp of reality.

B1663R is out there......

Happy 4th of July

Today we celebrate our Independence from Great Britain, this day ( actually July 2nd) back in 1776 the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence which was drafted by Thomas Jefferson and officially "unfriended" Great Britain.
So how will you celebrate today?
Get drunk? Blow your hands off with an M80? Eat too much? Get laid? Work?