Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Keys to the Jungle

Nov 16th 2004 Krogenar and Bentidus help Tryptifaeris attain the three keys required to get the Kahzam Airship Pass. Tryptifaeris the white is at a point where he is too powerful to join parties on Qufim Island , so I need to find greener pastures to graze.

My friends tell me Kazam is where I need to head to, but in order to get there I need to acquire a Kazam Airship pass in Jeuno. There are 2 ways to get this Airship pass, I can pay 150,000 gil (that's ALOT of fish to catch!) or get 3 keys; 1 from the Palborough Mines, Giddeus, and Fort Ghelsba and deliver them to the Jeuno Air Travel Agency. I traveled with Bentidus to Giddeus for the first key, he tore up the Yagudo like Anakin with the Tuskens! Then we headed to the Palborough mines , both times I'd just hang out at the entrance and let him do all the killing then just wait for him to pass on the treasure lot. Those two areas aren't very photogenic but Fort Ghelba is pretty kewl, here's a few pics of Bentidus, Krogenar and myself on the way out with...."Fortune & Glory".