Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014!

Happy Halloween!
Leave it to the Irish to come up with a holiday where we cut up veggies and dress as the things that scare us as kids!
I remember as a kid going trick or treating in the apartment building with Douglas and Joseph and we'd start on the 6th floor and woirk our way down then go to the other buildings in on our street. As I got older the eggs and shaving cream...the next day McGeory and Noble were a mess!
Now that I'm older I still enjoy this bizarre holiday but for different reasons...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Macross Delta Announced!

 So last week I decided to introduce my son to the wonderful world of anime, and I choose my favorite anime series of all time Super Dimensional Fortress Macross!
My wife says he's too young to appreciate it....she may be right but he's definitely fascinated by the Valkyries and the Macross...the whole love triangle appears to be lost on him. I find it funny that he realizes the Intro/Outro songs as well as Minmay's songs (Mari Iijima) are in Japanese but it doesn't bother him. (I think he would rather listen to Minmay than Anna and Elsa).

The night before last my son wanted to build robots with his little boy lego's and we ended building the Macross (it didn't take 10 years). Not half bad considering my limited supplies :)

So today I paid a visit to macross world's been awhile since I visited that site! I went there on the daily back in 08/09 when Macross Frontier was released.
I didn't expect to see news on a new series for at least a few more years but alas it appears the search is on for the next galactic idol!
Macross (Delta) circa 2067 chronologically  only 8 years after the events of Macross Frontier. Hopefully there will be updates before the end of the year!

And for the record Sarah Nome and Sharon Apple should be in the above poster also! 

Ex Machina International Trailer

The synopsis for Ex Machina sounds like so many other Sci Fi films I've seen but after watching the trailer I get the vibe that this will have a much more believable tone to it. For some reason the first movies that came to mind after watching the trailer was Gattaca and Blade Runner! The film stars Domnhall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac (Sucker Punch) who also happen to be starring in another sci fi movie next year...Star Wars Episode VII.

Star Wars Rebels S1E3 Rise of the Old Masters

No better place to begin training to use the force than on top of a ship hovering in the upper atmosphere.
This week Ezra and Kanan make Anakin and Obi Wan's relationship seem almost normal.
So the crew pick up info that Jedi Master  Luminara Unduli is alive and being held at Imperial prison, Kanan see's this as an opportunity to free a Jedi Master and have Ezra train under a Master instead of him...
Surprise surprise IT'S A TRAP!
Where's Admiral Ackbar when you need him!

Turns out our scoundrels take the bait and almost get caught by the Inquisitor....a rather pasty fellow suffering from a severe case of jaundice.
Instead of relying on taunts and empty promises the Sith tend to over use, Mr Inquisitor seems to relish in the fact he's rather intelligent and knows a great many things.

While Ezra and Kanan are escaping from the Inquisitor and the prison, Hera aboard the Ghosts' drop ship, the Phantom, attracts some unwanted attention from the local fauna and has to briefly leave the group to their own devices. Rest assured that our rebellious friends escape with all appendages attached.
I enjoyed this weeks episode, the Inquisitor is an intriguing fella. I hope we get to learn a bit more of this guys back story because honestly I find him more interesting than General Greivous from the PT.
I wonder if any of the characters from Rebels will make it into Episode VII.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Walking Dead S5E3 Four Walls and a Roof

Who didn't see that coming?
I was never a big fan of Bobby Stookey, his character never seemed useful to the group. What exactly did he do? As a former Army medic you'd think he'd have been more useful than he ended up being.
Oh well good riddance...

This season has now zigged twice when I thought it was going to zag, first the brevity of the time spent at Terminus and second the length of time Gareth was a threat to Rick and the gang.
Remember how Rick killed Tomas in season 3 as they were trying to clear the prison? Sunday's massacre was pretty much the same, it was the location that made the scene controversial.
Hey Rick....Shane approves of your actions.....
I have a feeling we're gonna see Rick and the group find themselves in a very similar situation as Gareth and the Termites by season's regards to food.
So Glenn, Maggie and Tara join Abraham, Rosita and Eugene on the greatest road trip of all time and leave Rick with Michonne, Carl, Tyresse, Sasha and Father Gabe....not exactly a fair trade. If Father Gabe had viles of Holy Water that set Walkers aflame like in the CastleVania games that would be a different story but as it stands Father Gabes' stats are:
STR: 3
DEX: 1
CHR: 0
HTH: The Power of Christ!

Thankfully Daryl returns to the group with a mystery person! Well it's most likely not Carol or Beth, maybe Morgan or maybe someone else from season 1....the Morales Family.
I'm looking forward to next weeks episode, I need to know if Beth's yellow polo shirt is safe!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Gotham S1E5: Viper

This episode really didn't impress me so much, the whole guy playing the guitar on the curb with a sign that says "I'm not gonna lie I need the money for drugs" was stupid, and seeing him running down the sidewalk with an ATM machine on his back was ridiculous.

If it weren't for Robin Lord Taylor's scene's with Don Maroni I would've probably fallen asleep,

I'm on the fence about this Alfred Pennyworth, there's something about this iteration of the character that I don't like. Compared to Michael Cane's Alfred, Sean Pertwee's Afred comes across a great deal less compassionate, and a bit too harsh towards young Bruce. And the verdict on David Mazouz as young Bruce Wayne is still out for me....he seems waaaaaaay too mature for his age, I know he's Bruce Wayne: Worlds Greatest Detective blah blah blah.
The scene when Gordon returns to the precinct from his lunch date with Don Maroni and Cobblepot and asks Bullock if he's found any leads on the guy distributing the viper drug, and Bullock says no then Gordon immediately finds a framed picture in another evidence just seemed too convenient.
And dont get me started on the scene where the 80 year old professor inhales viper and tosses Bullock and Gordon like wet rags out of the apartment.

I did like the final scene where Falcone is feeding the pigeons in the park and Liza catches his ear and eye as she strolls by. Fish cleaned her up good!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer

Age of Ultron trailer.... No Strings Attached!!!
I remember reading a synopsis of this trailer awhile back, but seeing the Hulk Buster armor and Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver was cool, but finally getting to see Ultron at the end was awesome!
I was all like....

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Star Wars Rebels S1 E2 Fighter Flight

So Aladdin  Ezra saved Zeb in the last episode from Agent Kallus and he's hangin it over Zeb's head, going so far to mention the Wookie life debt. So there is some tension aboard the Ghost. So Hera decides to send the two out on a supply run which in actuality is a wild goose chase to locate some exotic fruit.

Ezra and Zeb's excellent adventure get's them tangled up with local imperial authorities as they try to make off with a crate of Meiloorun's, borrow a Tie Fighter and rescue friends of Ezra's father....all in a days work for these rebels.
Another enjoyable episode for this series that builds the camaraderie of the this case mostly Zeb and Ezra in a lighthearted way.
And I'm just gonna throw this out there...Ezra could be Boba Fett, he lost his parent (s) and only mentions his dad.

Star Wars Episode VII: create your own movie poster

I really wasn't planning on posting any of those leaked Ep VII pics from SWU last week but of all the pics this one grabbed my attention....there's more to this pic than what you initially see. Based on the rumors I've read we'll be visiting a planet with snowy mountainous terrain (not Hoth) in the search for Luke (all rumors). I also see a lot of Tie Fighters. Does anyone else see anything in the pic?

The Walking Dead S5E2: Strangers

Reunited and it feels so good...
There was a lotta feels in Sunday's episode, Rick and Tara discuss her being inducted into the group then Tara confesses to Maggie and I honestly wasn't sure how Maggie was gonna react that moment just hung there till the edge of the uncomfortable zone.
Next Rick eats some humble pie when he basically apologizes to Combat Carol about banishing her.
The scene when they're walking on the tracks was pretty telling...Rick and Carl, Glenn and Maggie, Bobby and Sasha, Tyresse and Carol, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene, Daryl walking solo and Michonne walking solo.
With Hershel gone will Father Gabriel Stokes act as the groups new moral compass? I don't think so....guilt can be a heavy burden and Father Gabriel is extremely burdened and it's obvious why.
Rick asks the 3 questions and based on the answers given Rick places the father in his "persons of interest" file.
Ok lets cut to the chase! Why did Bobby leave the church after Rick agreed to join Abraham on his DC road trip and start crying outside?
1.) Bobby got bit/ scratched on  by the swamp thing walker on the supply run
2.) He's the groups Judas and sold them out to Gareth at some point
3.) He's just struggling with his alcoholism while everyone's drinking the wine

I think Boby got bit/scratched and hasn't told anyone....oh the irony when Gareth starts getting sever stomach cramps and diarrhea and is forced to join the road trip to DC! Gareth will never eat dark meat again......

Friday, October 17, 2014

Ghost in the Shell: Live Action Movie aka The Stand Alone Failure

If you read my blog you know my feeling about live action adaptations of anime and video games, if you don't I'll summarize....THEY'RE POINTLESS!!!! And nine out of ten times suck because unlike Street Fighter Assassins Fist, the writers/directors aren't fans of the work being adapted. They might only have the most general knowledge of the source material!
I enjoy anime, I've been watching it since the early 80's, and when I saw Ghost in the Shell back in 95 it was groundbreaking, not only was the visuals impressive the story and characters were  fascinating, in 2002 we got the 26 episode series  Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex that expanded the story of Major Kusanagi, Batau, Aramaki, and the rest of Section 9, the in 04/05 we got GitS2: Innocence and the second 26 episode series GitS: S.A.C 2nd Gig which revolved around the Individual 11 and the events that led section 9 being disbanded and Motoko leaving the group. 
In 2006 The 3rd GitS anime movie came out with GitS: S.A.C Solid State Society where the group formerly known as section 9 investigate a case involving a cyberbrain virus, children being abducted, and the noble rot Medicare system for the elderly and the puppeteer-a mysterious wizard class hacker.
Just this year almost 20years after the original movie we got the 4 episode OVA GitS: ARISE which introduces us to Motoko Kusanagi prior to the formation of Section 9.
So last month I read that Margo Robbie (Wolf of Wallstreet) was attached to the GitS live action movie...I instantly figured she'd be the shell that project 2501 dives into....
Then last night I read that Scarlett Johansen has been pinged to play Makoto Kusanagi.....
Both Scarjo and Margo Robbie are great actresses and Scarjo has more than proved she is ready and able to be the alpha female action actress...I think she could be the right choice for the role. I just don't see the necessity in making this movie, those that are fans will most likely be let down and those who don't know GitS will probly say this movie is a rip off of The Matix and the fans will all face palm...
Only time will tell, but I have little hope this movie will be as good as the source material of the same genre!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gotham S1E4 Arkham

Mondays episode was great, Gordon is in WAAAY over his head! As I stated after the pilot episode Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) is the heart of this show so far in my opinion. So Cobblepot warned Gordon about the upcoming war caused by the murder of the Wayne's. Little does ANYONE realize Cobblepot is the puppet master,
Gordon is looking at the Maroni and Falcone families and is highly suspicious of Fish Mooney and suspects she is pitting the two Don's against each other to come out on top. Fish Mooney doesn't realize Cobblepot is alive and is under the impression the two Don's are are taking out the other's political constituents to sway the vote for the Arkham City proposal.
Gordon is kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place because he knows if anyone finds out he didn't really kill Cobblepot, Falcone will have him killed, and Cobblepot realizes this also, so he knows his secret is safe with him. This secret is putting a huge strain on Gordon's relationship with Barbara.
I also enjoy the scenes Edward Nygma shows up in....that guy sure loves riddles!

So Fish is looking for a weapon, not a girl. I'm guessing since Don Falcone's girl had an "accident" he'll be looking for a new one and that's where Liza comes in...
I keep looking for easter eggs since the pilot episode....specifically hints about Harley Quinn and Ras Al Ghul. If any one spots something regarding these two let me know.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Star Wars Rebels S1E1: Droids in Distress

The crew of the Ghost are low on supplies so they decide to be scoundrels and steal a shipment of weapons to trade to Vizago. When they discover what types of weapons they are Zeb voices his opinion that these specific weapons should be destroyed rather than resold into circulation because the Empire used them to exterminate his race.
I enjoyed watching the crew working together on the shuttle to get the info on where the weapons were stored and the Chopper/R2D2 confrontations....Chopper's got spunk.
The show is doing a good job of showing the the members individuality as well as how well they work together to get the job done, kinda like the A-team in a galaxy far far away! I think SWR will appeal to the salty old school fans (like myself) as well as the younger viewers who may only know the PT, and new Padawans like my son who like's Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles and covers his eyes when he sees Darth Vader when I try to get him to watch the OT.

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Walking Dead S5E No Sanctuary

First off check this shit out!
yelp terminus atlanta
"Great ribs! The staff is a little moody and the boxcar dining room ambiance leaves little to be desired. All in all it's a great sanctuary with a community feel, makes it hard to leave."
Fantastic episode! Holy crap Glenn once again escapes death by mere seconds. That scene was brutal not only because of the violent nature of it but because of how nonchalantly the two guys were while doing it...just another day on the farm so to speak.
Stop and think about Carol from season 1...washing clothes down near the quarry. Well that feeble little lady is gone, Carol just saved the entire Ricktatorship! She was Lara Croft, Ellen Ripley, Starbuck and Salt, all wrapped up in one!
Carol would make a fantastic Sith, "do not hesitate, do what must be done, show no mercy".
Still suffering from the "good guy syndrome", as Martin puts it, Tyresse is left to watch him and Judith while Carol embarks on a solo search and rescue mission. I loved the tactic she used to infiltrate Terminus, we haven't seen that since season one.
The trough scene had me on the edge of my couch and once the propane tank blew and shit got real I caught myself actually cheering Rick, Daryl and the rest of the crew on as they fought their way outta Terminus. The scene where they pass through the "meat locker" reminded me a similar scene in The Last of Us which brings back to the Yelp review up top.
Another fantastic scene was Carol Vs Terminus Mary,
I was so glad to see Tyresse shed his teddy bear fur and beat the life outta Martin after he threatened baby ass kickers life!
Seeing the group reunited and unscathed was a relief. I have to admit I was surprised at the brevity we were at Terminus, but I suppose if we had spent most of the season there the show would begin to feel a little formulaic.
I do think the group should have gone back and finished off Gareth and any other Termites that may have survived...I think we'll be seeing him again.
Speaking of characters returning, OMG Morgan is back again! Was he really going to Terminus or was he tracking someone else?

Season 5 started off strong, I hope this pace continues but I have a feeling we're gonna get a new moral compas to fill the void left by hershell in the form of Father Gabriel.
I wonder how Shane would feel about the Rick we've seen in the last two episodes? How would Dale and Hershel feel about Rick's behavior??

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Star Wars: Rebels S1E1 The Spark of Rebellion: Thoughts and Impressions

With Star Wars Episode VII a little over a year away, this new animated show arrives at a perfect time to bigin the hype train. As far as chronology goes I'd place Rebels around 10-15 BBY. I enjoyed the first episode, The Spark of Rebellion,  the crew of the Ghost feel right at home, Ezra the street smart thief totally reminded me of Aladdin....(Prince Abubu), Kanan the leader of this rag tag group of rebels who just happens to be a Jedi that survived order 66...but we'll keep that on the DL, he seems a bit like a certain scruffy looking nerf herder who's gonna attempt to show Ezra the ways of the force, then there's the owner/operator of the Ghost, Hera, a Twi'lek...I think her and Kanan have a relationship that goes beyond plutonic...tsk tsk that's certainly frowned upon by Kanan's former organisation.
Then there's Sabine the teenage Witch  Mandalor...she's a big fan of Jackson Pollack and Michael Bay...

Zeb is the muscle of the group kinda like Chewie was for Han, Zeb and Chewie actually have more in common than many may realize...

Next is Chopper the astromech, who is also designed around early McQuarrie designs for R2D2. He came across as indifferent to the drama going on around the Ghost.
Speaking of Chops, in SoR we are introduced to Agent Kallus a member of the Imperial Security Bureau....he's a dick, and if his actions couldn't clue you in, just look at this jerk's facial hair!

I really liked the design of the Ghost, not only does it resemble the Millenium Falcon, it also reminds me of the Narcissus...another favorite Sci Fi franchise of mine.
 I enjoyed the pilot episode, it felt much more like the OT than the PT, Rebels shall remain on my DVR! I wonder if any of these characters will transition into episode VII? I think there's a chance an older Kanan could be worked into the ST.
If you have young Padawans that haven't seen Star Wars yet (like my son) this appears to be a good introduction to that Galaxy far far away...
For more info check out the OS @ disneyxd star wars rebels