Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Star Wars Rebels S1E1: Droids in Distress

The crew of the Ghost are low on supplies so they decide to be scoundrels and steal a shipment of weapons to trade to Vizago. When they discover what types of weapons they are Zeb voices his opinion that these specific weapons should be destroyed rather than resold into circulation because the Empire used them to exterminate his race.
I enjoyed watching the crew working together on the shuttle to get the info on where the weapons were stored and the Chopper/R2D2 confrontations....Chopper's got spunk.
The show is doing a good job of showing the the members individuality as well as how well they work together to get the job done, kinda like the A-team in a galaxy far far away! I think SWR will appeal to the salty old school fans (like myself) as well as the younger viewers who may only know the PT, and new Padawans like my son who like's Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles and covers his eyes when he sees Darth Vader when I try to get him to watch the OT.

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