Thursday, October 23, 2014

Gotham S1E5: Viper

This episode really didn't impress me so much, the whole guy playing the guitar on the curb with a sign that says "I'm not gonna lie I need the money for drugs" was stupid, and seeing him running down the sidewalk with an ATM machine on his back was ridiculous.

If it weren't for Robin Lord Taylor's scene's with Don Maroni I would've probably fallen asleep,

I'm on the fence about this Alfred Pennyworth, there's something about this iteration of the character that I don't like. Compared to Michael Cane's Alfred, Sean Pertwee's Afred comes across a great deal less compassionate, and a bit too harsh towards young Bruce. And the verdict on David Mazouz as young Bruce Wayne is still out for me....he seems waaaaaaay too mature for his age, I know he's Bruce Wayne: Worlds Greatest Detective blah blah blah.
The scene when Gordon returns to the precinct from his lunch date with Don Maroni and Cobblepot and asks Bullock if he's found any leads on the guy distributing the viper drug, and Bullock says no then Gordon immediately finds a framed picture in another evidence just seemed too convenient.
And dont get me started on the scene where the 80 year old professor inhales viper and tosses Bullock and Gordon like wet rags out of the apartment.

I did like the final scene where Falcone is feeding the pigeons in the park and Liza catches his ear and eye as she strolls by. Fish cleaned her up good!