Thursday, October 30, 2014

Macross Delta Announced!

 So last week I decided to introduce my son to the wonderful world of anime, and I choose my favorite anime series of all time Super Dimensional Fortress Macross!
My wife says he's too young to appreciate it....she may be right but he's definitely fascinated by the Valkyries and the Macross...the whole love triangle appears to be lost on him. I find it funny that he realizes the Intro/Outro songs as well as Minmay's songs (Mari Iijima) are in Japanese but it doesn't bother him. (I think he would rather listen to Minmay than Anna and Elsa).

The night before last my son wanted to build robots with his little boy lego's and we ended building the Macross (it didn't take 10 years). Not half bad considering my limited supplies :)

So today I paid a visit to macross world's been awhile since I visited that site! I went there on the daily back in 08/09 when Macross Frontier was released.
I didn't expect to see news on a new series for at least a few more years but alas it appears the search is on for the next galactic idol!
Macross (Delta) circa 2067 chronologically  only 8 years after the events of Macross Frontier. Hopefully there will be updates before the end of the year!

And for the record Sarah Nome and Sharon Apple should be in the above poster also!