Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Star Wars Rebels S1 E2 Fighter Flight

So Aladdin  Ezra saved Zeb in the last episode from Agent Kallus and he's hangin it over Zeb's head, going so far to mention the Wookie life debt. So there is some tension aboard the Ghost. So Hera decides to send the two out on a supply run which in actuality is a wild goose chase to locate some exotic fruit.

Ezra and Zeb's excellent adventure get's them tangled up with local imperial authorities as they try to make off with a crate of Meiloorun's, borrow a Tie Fighter and rescue friends of Ezra's father....all in a days work for these rebels.
Another enjoyable episode for this series that builds the camaraderie of the group...in this case mostly Zeb and Ezra in a lighthearted way.
And I'm just gonna throw this out there...Ezra could be Boba Fett, he lost his parent (s) and only mentions his dad.