Thursday, October 30, 2014

Star Wars Rebels S1E3 Rise of the Old Masters

No better place to begin training to use the force than on top of a ship hovering in the upper atmosphere.
This week Ezra and Kanan make Anakin and Obi Wan's relationship seem almost normal.
So the crew pick up info that Jedi Master  Luminara Unduli is alive and being held at Imperial prison, Kanan see's this as an opportunity to free a Jedi Master and have Ezra train under a Master instead of him...
Surprise surprise IT'S A TRAP!
Where's Admiral Ackbar when you need him!

Turns out our scoundrels take the bait and almost get caught by the Inquisitor....a rather pasty fellow suffering from a severe case of jaundice.
Instead of relying on taunts and empty promises the Sith tend to over use, Mr Inquisitor seems to relish in the fact he's rather intelligent and knows a great many things.

While Ezra and Kanan are escaping from the Inquisitor and the prison, Hera aboard the Ghosts' drop ship, the Phantom, attracts some unwanted attention from the local fauna and has to briefly leave the group to their own devices. Rest assured that our rebellious friends escape with all appendages attached.
I enjoyed this weeks episode, the Inquisitor is an intriguing fella. I hope we get to learn a bit more of this guys back story because honestly I find him more interesting than General Greivous from the PT.
I wonder if any of the characters from Rebels will make it into Episode VII.