Thursday, March 25, 2004

Open your Mine

Tryptifaeris has been in Vana Diel for a week and I'm at level 9 WHM. I meet up with Krogenar the other night and we treked to the Palbourough Mines to get some XP, the Mobs in North and South Gustaberg are coning at easy - too weak to be worthwhile, which means poor XP. As we ran to the the mines, I spotted other adventurers running past us on Chocobo's. The entrance to the Palbourough Mines is tucked away in a nook on the northern section of Gustaberg, we entered and the cold air from deep within the mines rushed over us. We slowly made our way down the tunel, a tunnel hare hoped by, it coned at easy prey, so me moved a little further in and spotted something we had never encountered off in the distance, a funguar, it appeared like a mushroom with the legs of a cricket. I checked it and the funguar registered as a decent challenge so as I stood behind my galka friend Krogenar I cast Dia on it, apparently had friends and this is where I learned about mobs that link. Three funguars came down the path from the dusty shadows, Krogenar stands in shock as the shrooms start beating me to a pulp, as my life quickly departs my body I stare at Krog in disbelief as he bravely unsheathes his weapons (his fists) and begins pounding on the fungai. He died moments later, we HP'd back to Bastok.
Meanwhile our friends BenTidus, Outlaw, Big Will, Fenster, Wolfcry, Dangler, Almightylock, Angel, and Swizz have taken up residence in San d' Oria to the North. Krogenar, Kopernikuz and I are trying to organize a trek to meet them but at our levels the trip would most likely end in disaster...

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The Gustaberg Tour

On my 5th day in Vana Diel I was exploring Bastok some more, I went into the Bastok Metalworks, the Smithing guild, President Karst's office, the shrine of Altana and Professor Cid's Lab are all located in this district. During my travels I spoke to to a female NPC who was thinking of starting up a touring company. The prerequisites to doing this quest were you had to be level 5 or below and you needed a party of 5, then we had to trek outside the city to meet The NPC's business partner. My friend Krogenar was nowhere to be seen so I went to Firewater Circle and /sh "Anyone level 5 or below looking to do the Gustaberg Tour quest meet at the Firewater circle, I need 4 people" I sat down not expecting to get a response but I did! Like almost immediately 3 people showed up, we talked a bit and formed a party. We were all strangers and had only been playing for a few days, one guy DarchAngel (sp?) offered to lead the way (I was fine with that...I knew the way but why risk getting a group of people lost) and I told the others how to auto follow ( thanks Krog). On the way we talked and it was very kewl how a group of strangers came together to help one another! Well we got to our destination, at the edge of the Drachenfall, hundreds of feet below I spotted a ravine that was carved through North Gustaberg. We talked to the Galka tour guide and recieved 500 gill then 4 outta 5 of us headed back to Bastok, when we returned we said our goodbye's and disbanded. It was such a kewl feeling teaming up with 4 other people to accomplish a quest! Well I took my 500 + gill and bought a couple things including and much more powerful club. (White Mages are scarce in Bastok and so is their item wonder there are so many warriors and monks here).After roaming around Bastok a little more I decided to field test my new weapon....going from an average of 3 points dmg to 11 is a great I can take on more than just hornets, worms, and walking turnips ^^.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Dagger in the Night

The next day Tryptifaeris walked out of his Mog house to a gorgeous evening, stars are begining to shine, as I cross the drawbridge an air ship began it's final approach into the Port of Bastok. I talked to one of the guards at the northern gate and recieve my sigil to represent my nation in the struggle to control the majority of the lands of Vana'Diel. Well once again I went out and hunted for experience and with my new found knowledge about the TP meter I kicked much arse. But FFXI isn't just about leveling up, it's also about community, so far people seem very friendly, helping others when they need it, so last night I was walking by and spoted someone who could use a little boost of health I cast cure on them, later I ran into them hanging out at a campfire so I asked if I could hang out there for a bit, and they obliged, we chated for a bit, then I left to XP off a few river crabs and the occasional Black Wolf then headed back to Bastok to systematically talk to as many NPC's as possible and mark them on the map. I talked to some shady hume in warehouse 2 which triggered an event, I traded my 1 piece of iron ore and was sent on an errand to bring mining paperwork to a Galka in the mine district of Bastok. Well I found the Galka and gave him his paperwork and he gave me a dagger......that a white mage like myself can't use! So I went to my Mog house and put it in my mog safe for a later date when I begin to learn the ways of the Black Mage.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

The Night Fire

Today Tryptifaeris started his day by making a special macro greeting for Krogenar. Then I headed out again in search of exp. I ran past a few river crabs grrrrrrrr then off in the distance I spotted a curious little creature, a walking sapling aww how cute....NOW DIE!!! I attacked this little walking turnip in a frenzied fury of elvaan rage. After beating the crap out of that poor sap-ling I went back into Bastok to meet up with Krogenar, we finally met near the drawbridge and I waved at him and greeted him with a warm hello, then we were off to kill little deadly creatures....Krogenar barreled through some beasties that I would've had problems with and I healed him when necessary and offered back up, we both leveled up last night and collected a bunch of crap like seeds, bat wings, flint for making a camp fire!
.Well it was getting late and I bid Krog farewell and headed back into Bastok, I created a few more macros and sold some bat winds and seeds and layed down on the cold hard floor of my Mog House.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Mage Rage

On my second day in Vana Diel Tryptifaeris left his Mog house and made his way through the bustling metropolis of Bastok towards the city gates, I had XP fever and was thirsting for creatures to slay, but I decided to try and seek out this elusive NPC Reeta in order to trade in my adventurers certificate. Well it turns out she was standing right outside the entrance to the residence sector of Bastok! Well Tryptifaeris got some extra spending money, 60 gil total! (I can buy 1 wooden arrow ). Well off I goal, reach level 5 before I go to bed. I exit Bastok through the port gate and find myself in the dry Gustaberg terrain I start attacking tunnel worms and huge hornets like a mad man and casting cure every chance I get. I reach level 3 within a few minutes 1000 exp points to level 4! with worms and hornets only worth 25 exp. I needed to branch out and find newer creatures......tougher creatures. So I see someone off in the distance battling a river crab, I run over to a small bridge and find me one of these little buggers, I scan it to see if I can handle it. I learn it has a strong defense but I should be able to handle it...Well I attack it and the battle lasts a bit longer than I expected but I come out victorious! With no MP left I head back to the city gates to rest up. After kneeling in side the city I head out to get me some more crabs..... I spot my next crustaceon victim, Tryptifaeris attacks but Mr. crab counters with a bubble attack that drops my attack power to 0, now this nice fella Gilmore comes by and casts a cure spell on me (I was all out of MP) and then a protect spell so now I'm trading blows for 0 damage, this 1 crab took 30 minutes to kill! I thanked Gilmore and bowed respectably then took my crippled ass back into town to heal again. OK one more crab I figured that was a fluke and I would try my luck one more time.....well crab #3 wasn't having it! This fella started kicking my arse! so I disengaged and ran...with 9 HP left and one angry crab in hot pursuit I was in trouble! I just ran as fast as I could but was killed in the dusty tundra outside Bastok But now that Krogenar is on the Shiva server we can hunt together!

Friday, March 19, 2004

Bastok: City of Industry

March 19th 2004 Tryptifaeris took his first footsteps in the world of Vana' Diel! Let me begin by telling you, plan to do the installation on a free day. The entire time from installation to taking your first step into Vana' Diel may take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours, depending on your connection speed. Also there are multiple servers named after popular FF summons like Shiva, Ifrit, Titan, Garuda, Ramuh and Bahamut and you are randomly assigned to a server. But there are ways around that....we'll come back to that later.Typtifaeris the red headed, elvaan mage began his adventure in the bustling metropolis of Bastok on the Shiva server.

My friend Krogenar the hulking Galka monk also started in Bastok but on the Sylph server which means he can do 1 of 2 up 1600 gil (final fantasy $$$) and buy a world pass and get me to his server OR create his character all over again, go thru the intro scenes and see what server he lands on, if it's not the right server delete character and try again and again and again.
After the introductory cut scene I was handed an adventurers certificate and tasked with trading it to an NPC named Reeta. The city of Bastok consists of 4 different districts, Bastok Markets, Mines, Metalworks and Port Bastok, there are ALOT of NPC's as well as players running around. After almost an hour I still haven't found Reeta the NPC I'm supposed to trade my adventurers certificate to.
I've equiped my armor and primary weapon (an onk-like staff) and ventured outside the cities natural barricade of mountain sides. I kicked the crap outta some huge hornets, worms, ding bats and have learned the ever-valuable white spell cure :) So far my first impression of FFXI is this this game is massive and the community is generally friendly and helpful.

What's the Deal in Vana' Diel

"What's the Deal in Vana' Diel" 
Tryptifaeris invites you to share in his adventures through the MMORPG world of Final Fantasy XI's Vana Diel. Join me as I chronical my stories of triumph and failure as I journey across the vast lands of Vana Diel. Follow along and see what paths I choose to follow, will Tryptifaeris master the mystical powers of Summoning avatars such as Shiva, Ifrit and Diablos or follow the dark path of a Dark Knight? Will Tryptifaeris' name be inscribed in Bastokan legend as the greatest adventurer or fall into darkness like the the Shadow Lord?

Long, long ago, an ancient race, descended from the gods, flourished in

Vana'diel. They traveled through the sky, extracted gold from stones, and
birth to grasslands across the world.
But one day, they decided to
build a
pathway to the divine entrance of paradise. Enraged by such a brazen
display of
insolence, the holy gatekeeper destroyed their path and cast
their homes to the
bottom of the sea.
Shortly thereafter, the goddess
Altana awakened and saw
the ruin that had once been Vana'diel. Saddened, She
wept five divine tears.
When the five tears fell upon the earth, they gave
life to the five races of
But the god Promathia saw this from
His place in the shadows.
Promathia saw fit to condemn Her work, cursing the
people with eternal conflict
amongst themselves. He created terrible beasts
and spread them across the world,
commanding them to fight the people of
Vana'diel and occupy their minds. Never
again would they think to open the
gate of the gods.The beastmen thrived in the
ensuing era of darkness. But
the demihuman Galka and Mithra, blessed with bodies
powerful enough to
resist the advances of the beastmen, grew in number as well.
They fought
tooth and nail to cast the hordes from their homelands in an age of
battle and chaos.
The Tarutaru race grew weary of the never-ending
conflict, and wandered the world in search of peace. After discovering an
uncharted continent, they named the land Windurst and settled down to build
brighter future for their kin.
Several decades after the Tarutaru's
journey had come to an end, a young Tarutaru girl lost her way in one
of the
mysterious towers scattered across the outskirts of Windurst. It was
there that
the secrets of magic were revealed to her, and this knowledge
would spread to
her entire race. The Tarutaru worked as one to harness and
understand the
mysterious power that had been given to them. So began the
Great Age of
Magic.Empowered by their expanding magical abilities, the
Tarutaru united
themselves as the Federation of Windurst, and worked to
drive the hordes of
Yagudo beastmen from their lands. The Tarutaru
prospered, unified by their
knowledge of magic and the solidarity of a new
federation. It was a glorious age
for their people.
But revealed secrets
cannot be suppressed, and the
knowledge of magic slowly spread to all the
people of Vana'diel. Within a short
time, other races - and even beastmen -
began to employ magic techniques for
Filled with regret, the
Tarutaru entered an era of isolation.
They closed their borders to all but
their longtime friends, the Mithra. And so,
a once-proud civilization became
more and more out of touch with the rest of the
world.The use of magic
brought both happiness and conflict to the other races of
Vana'diel. Perhaps
the most satisfied were the proud Elvaan, who made their home
in the Kingdom
of San d'Oria in the northern reaches of the old continent. With
Tarutaru monopoly on magic broken, the Elvaan were able to create powerful
orders of knights who feared no adversary.
Beastmen strongholds and
villages alike fell before the power of the knights of San d'Oria.
Within a
short time, nearly the entire Quon continent had come under San
But pride comes before the fall.The nation of Bastok,
founded by the
Hume and Galka races, lay on the southern edge of the Quon
continent. Fortified
by the growing economic and intelligence-gathering
abilities of the Hume race,
Bastokan forces crushed the elite San d'Orian
knights at the Second Battle of
Konschtat. Cutting-edge firearms technology
turned the tide of battle and
cemented victory for the people of Bastok.
This humiliating defeat sent the
Kingdom of San d'Oria into an age of
internal turmoil and civil war. Piece by
piece, territories that the Elvaan
had conquered slipped from their grasps.The
fall of the Kingdom of San
d'Oria ushered in an era of prosperity for the
Republic of Bastok.
tradesmen spread across Vana'diel in an
unprecedented era of economic
development. Bastok's fortunes grew as Humes sold
products forged from the
precious metals and rare ores extracted from their
mines. The trend only
accelerated with the appearance of the engineering genius
named Cid. Ever
practical, the Humes set about creating another nation-state:
the Grand
Duchy of Jeuno. Jeuno had long been a tiny fishing town on an isolated
island between the two continents. The construction of great bridges
the sleepy village into a teeming metropolis of trade and
industry.The one known
only as the Shadow Lord appeared without warning, and
his name remains
synonymous with terror to this day. Consumed by hatred of
all living things, he
enlisted the beastmen and employed them in
simultaneous attacks against the
nations of Vana'diel. So began the Crystal
After years of peace and
prosperity, the nations fell one after
another, unable to halt the relentless
onslaught. The nightmare spread
across the lands of Vana'diel like
In response to the
seemingly unstoppable beastmen assault, Grand
Duke Kam'lanaut of Jeuno
convinced the people of San d'Oria, Windurst, and
Bastok to unite as the
Allied Forces of Altana - and defeat the beastmen once
and for all.
stalemate ensued for some time. Finally, at the legendary
Battle of Jeuno,
the Allied Forces of Altana were able to gain the upper hand.
They claimed
total victory over the beastmen at the merciless Battle of
Xarcabard.Finally, the heroes of the five races cornered the Shadow Lord in
stronghold of Castle Zvahl, where Volker, champion of Bastok, delivered
final coup de grace.
Thus the Crystal War drew to an end, with
victory marred
by the uncountable corpses scattered throughout the
devastated lands and cities
of Vana'diel.Although the war had ended, the
long-suffering nations of Vana'diel
pledged to maintain their alliance. Each
nation built a consulate in their
sister countries. The Duchy of Jeuno
unveiled enormous airships based on ancient
technology, bringing the nations
of Vana'diel closer together, and promising a
new era of peace and
Or so the nations of the world had hoped.In
reality, the
beastmen had regrouped and continued to construct strongholds
throughout the
world. Although they lacked the organization of previous eras,
they launched
a new campaign of looting, plundering, and terror against the
people of
Still, the three great nations continued to mistrust one
another. Rather than dispatching their own forces to deal with the beastmen
threat, they began to employ a new generation of independent youth to deal
the situation on an individual level.
These stalwart people are
adventurers. They are intrepid souls who follow their own beliefs,
moving freely
from city to city in spite of their own national
allegiances.Truly, it is the
dawn of a new era in Vana'diel history.