Saturday, March 20, 2004

Mage Rage

On my second day in Vana Diel Tryptifaeris left his Mog house and made his way through the bustling metropolis of Bastok towards the city gates, I had XP fever and was thirsting for creatures to slay, but I decided to try and seek out this elusive NPC Reeta in order to trade in my adventurers certificate. Well it turns out she was standing right outside the entrance to the residence sector of Bastok! Well Tryptifaeris got some extra spending money, 60 gil total! (I can buy 1 wooden arrow ). Well off I goal, reach level 5 before I go to bed. I exit Bastok through the port gate and find myself in the dry Gustaberg terrain I start attacking tunnel worms and huge hornets like a mad man and casting cure every chance I get. I reach level 3 within a few minutes 1000 exp points to level 4! with worms and hornets only worth 25 exp. I needed to branch out and find newer creatures......tougher creatures. So I see someone off in the distance battling a river crab, I run over to a small bridge and find me one of these little buggers, I scan it to see if I can handle it. I learn it has a strong defense but I should be able to handle it...Well I attack it and the battle lasts a bit longer than I expected but I come out victorious! With no MP left I head back to the city gates to rest up. After kneeling in side the city I head out to get me some more crabs..... I spot my next crustaceon victim, Tryptifaeris attacks but Mr. crab counters with a bubble attack that drops my attack power to 0, now this nice fella Gilmore comes by and casts a cure spell on me (I was all out of MP) and then a protect spell so now I'm trading blows for 0 damage, this 1 crab took 30 minutes to kill! I thanked Gilmore and bowed respectably then took my crippled ass back into town to heal again. OK one more crab I figured that was a fluke and I would try my luck one more time.....well crab #3 wasn't having it! This fella started kicking my arse! so I disengaged and ran...with 9 HP left and one angry crab in hot pursuit I was in trouble! I just ran as fast as I could but was killed in the dusty tundra outside Bastok But now that Krogenar is on the Shiva server we can hunt together!